Our Story

Before the world with School Dismissal Softwares, Pat, Founder of PikMyKid, spent hours of his time waiting in car pick-up lines at his daughter’s school wondering why the school dismissal process is so broken. He quickly learned that the school dismissal process is inefficient, unsafe, and very costly to schools. What’s worse is that, in today’s digitally-driven world, the only technology schools use to manage this process are megaphones, walkie talkies, and clip boards. Pat set out to build a system to make the school dismissal management smarter, safer, and cheaper by designing a comprehensive school dismissal software that actually works for the schools and teachers while keeping the parents happy and the kids safer. The product of that work is PikMyKid!

Pat Bhava,<br /> Co-founder and CEO

Pat Bhava,
Co-founder and CEO

Pat had been jolted into PikMyKid due to his personal experiences in school carlines. An ex-Naval fighter pilot and deep-sea diver with an MBA and BS in Physics, Pat is experienced in building teams and solving problems. He is a serial entrepreneur, having built and sold a few startups. His previous projects include Sachi Ventures, Inc., Tun-Du-Ree, LLC, and Spiceline Logistics.

Chitra Kanagaraj, <br />Co-founder

Chitra Kanagaraj,

Chitra brings years of IT industry experience in project management and product development to the PikMyKid team. Most recently, Chitra served as the Strategy Director at an IT consulting firm. She has managed cross-functional teams and excels in delivering market ready technology solutions. She has an MBA from University of South Florida and holds a BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

J.R. Elliott,  <br />CTO

J.R. Elliott,

J.R. specializes in taking software products from a napkin idea and executing a development strategy that ensures that product successfully makes it to market. When he is not coding, he enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife & driving their vintage cars.

Sydney Young, <br />Director of Training & Implementation

Sydney Young,
Director of Training & Implementation

Sydney is an experienced Corporate Trainer, Educator and Client Manager. She is knowledgable about working with various educational systems and implementation. Sydney has a passion for helping others and traveling. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. Sydney spends most of her free time hiking and exploring outdoors with her Great Dane, Zelda.

John Ramsey, <br /> Director of Finance

John Ramsey,
Director of Finance

John has held diverse roles in organizations ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500, most recently serving as Director of Finance and Operations of Pipeline Workspaces, an early-stage co-working firm. Previously, John was CFO for an integrated media company, and he also held various financial roles at AutoNation, the largest automotive retailer in the US. John started his career by serving as a Naval Flight Officer in the United States Navy for ten years. He holds an MBA from Columbia University and BS & BA degrees from the University of Maryland UC and Texas Tech University.

Laurie Medina, <br /> Customer Success

Laurie Medina,
Customer Success

Laurie is a recent graduate from the University of South Florida; she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies. Before moving to the US, she lived in South Korea and Honduras. Laurie is experienced in Human Resources and Customer Service. She loves to volunteer for non-profits, travel the world and try new foods.

Sarah Hughes, <br /> Customer Success

Sarah Hughes,
Customer Success

After studying Economics and Business management at the University of Casablanca, she flew to NYC for a trip and never looked back! After many Starbucks runs and strolls down 5th ave, she and her husband made Florida their home. Sarah speaks fluent French and Arabic, and loves traveling and world cultures.

Rey Bermudez, <br /> Engineering

Rey Bermudez,

Rey is a Software Engineer with an extensive background in web development. He loves to work in a team environment with Microsoft Technologies. Rey is passionate about water sports and baseball. He earned his Bachelors degree from the Computer Science University in Havana, Cuba.

Dayran Alvarez, <br /> Engineering

Dayran Alvarez,

Originally from Havana Cuba, Dayran came to Miami in January. He has recently moved to Tampa to be with PikMyKid full time. He studied Computer Science and is passionate about developing and coding. In his free time, Dayran enjoys playing and watching sports, especially baseball.

Kevin Mercier, <br /> Design & Development

Kevin Mercier,
Design & Development

Kevin is an enthusiastic product designer and developer with years of experience creating software for non-profit organizations. When he's not being harassed by his pet corgi, he spends his free time going on adventures with his wife.

Adam Huber, <br />School Safety Consultant, <br /> adamh@pikmykid.com

Adam Huber,
School Safety Consultant,

Adam has multiple degrees from the Arizona State University, Berkeley, and Columbia. He lived in California for awhile, but decided to come back to the place he felt was home-Tampa. School safety and education are just two of his passions, along with basketball, the beach, and exercising. When he is not in the office, he spends time with his dog, Princess Leia.

Andrew Phillips, <br /> School Safety Consultant<br /> andrew@pikmykid.com

Andrew Phillips,
School Safety Consultant

Andrew is a graduate from the University of Florida, with a degree in Communication and Leadership Development. He has experience working as an Account Executive for schools, healthcare and other government entities. He is passionate about learning about global sustainability and ways technology can prepare us for the future. In his free time he enjoys rooting for his favorite Florida sports teams.

Jarvis Thompson, <br />School Safety Consultant<br /> jarvis@pikmykid.com

Jarvis Thompson,
School Safety Consultant

Jarvis has studied Architectural Engineering and Marketing at the University of South Florida. Some of his hobbies include surfing, running and traveling. He has experience in Sales Management and digital marketing.

Chase Belisle, <br /> School Safety Consultant<br /> chase@pikmykid.com

Chase Belisle,
School Safety Consultant

Chase has studied Business Administration at Florida State University with a focus in Sales and Consulting. He has experience in financial service consulting with public service members, as well as, an interest in IT sales. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, concerts, golfing, and going to sporting events.

David Flammer, <br />School Safety Consultant

David Flammer,
School Safety Consultant

David is an experienced sales professional whose passion for K-12 Education began in the classroom as a teacher and coach. He has a MBA from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business. He keeps balanced by umpiring fastpitch softball and singing (Tenors Rule!)

Paul Montgomery, <br />School Safety Consultant

Paul Montgomery,
School Safety Consultant

Paul Montgomery has over 20 years of software innovation under his belt, and so far, remains excited to use technology to flip the K12 market upside down every so often. Paul has served as Vice President, software development manager and Sales leader for some of the best known companies in the K12 sector. He lives in Murphy, TX with his amazing wife, his above-average step-kids, 4 dogs, 3 cats and a ghost named Yahootie.

Kateryna Vashkevych, <br /> Customer Success Intern

Kateryna Vashkevych,
Customer Success Intern

Kateryna is originally from Ukraine. She is a Masters student at the University of South Florida studying Entrepreneurship. She recieved her Bachelor's in Finance in Ukraine. When she is not studying, Kateryna likes to collect coins and travel. She also has a love for dogs.

Rohan Mysore, <br /> Engineering Intern

Rohan Mysore,
Engineering Intern

A graduate student originally from India, he is pursuing his Masters in Business Analytics and Information Systems at University of South Florida. He has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from India. An avid technophile, Rohan is enthusiastic about using new technology to solve current problems. He is passionate about animals, food, culture and Star Wars!

Bashful,  <br /> Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Bashful is PikMyKid's resident guard dog & nap expert. He enjoys long walks, welcoming visitors, & raiding the break room fridge.