The PikMyKid program benefits school districts by helping reduce costs associated with an inefficient dismissal process and by providing their schools with the tools to reduce chaos. From the moment you decide to come on board the PikMyKid team is there is help guide you. We provide schools with resources for training both staff & parent users, help you put in place solutions for each school’s unique concerns and have a team of support specialists ready to assist when needed. We offer both district licenses and per school licenses based on need that makes the PikMyKid program a cost effective option for any situation.Districts who join the PikMyKid Network experience:


    • Reduced Traffic Congestion in School Communities
    • Reduced Liability for Dismissals
    • FERPA & SOPIPA Compliant data
    • Overview of all School Dismissals
    • Emergency Alert Tools
    • Custom Notification Communication
    • Paperless Dismissal Tools
    • Timestamped Dismissal Reporting
    • Authorized Pickup Records

& more!