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February 22, 2023

Guardian Verification

Use photo ID to safely release students!

Give staff a way to check the photo associated with each person picking up a kid from school. Whether it be a parent, guardian, or carpool, schools can ensure students go home with the right person by verifying their photo ID at pick up.

That way, you can ensure kids go home with the right person every day & during emergencies.

Enjoy Being Able To:

  • Verify the right kid is going home with the right person.
  • Give staff an easy way to check photos during dismissal & emergencies.
  • Quickly and accurately account for every person picking up a kid.
  • See the Photo ID of every contact associated with a student.
  • Prevent stranger danger and custody battles by confirming identities & pick up permissions.
  • Incentivize parents to keep emergency contacts up to date by requiring photo IDs during dismissal.
  • Gain critical safety information by knowing who is and isn’t permitted on campus.

Simplified Outline of How It Works:

  1. Parents upload a photo for themselves and guardians, such as pickup delegates and emergency contacts, using the parent app.
  2. Staff see the photo during dismissal and verify it matches the person picking up the student.
  3. During emergencies, staff use the photo to confirm the identity of emergency contacts during reunification.

To have this new feature turned in your portal, email success@pikmykid.com.


Guardian verification instructions for parents and staff Guardian verification instructions for staff during emergency reunification

If you need help, email success@pikmykid.com.

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