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Your dismissal process is what we like to call a Duct Tape.

You’ve certainly made some attempts to plug the leaks in your dismissal system, but the water’s building up again and taunting its return to a full on burst of chaos. And maybe the most imminent part, you know it could be safer.

As the Duct Tape Dismissal Process:

  • You’ve attempted to make daily operations better, but know it could probably still be made safer. 
  • You sometimes encounter miscommunications and the process can get a bit tedious for your staff. 
  • You’ve got room for safety mishaps, like students possibly going home with the wrong person.

But before you get discouraged, you should know that a majority of schools have been running dismissal without the proper tools to ensure safety during the entire school day. The fact that YOU are on the lookout for how to make it safer means you’re headed in the right direction!

When it comes to turning your dismissal process from an organized chaos to a streamlined, ultra safe time of day, you’ll want to consider a few categories like…

  • Which tools will help you optimize time and energy
  • Who are all the players involved
  • How channels of communication can make or break the experience
  • And don’t forget, SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY!

Ready to Transform Your Dismissal Process?

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