Schools Report Emergency Using PikMyKid

Pikmykid has a great feature that allows schools to send an emergency message from their phones or desktops with a single click. Predefined contact groups based on the context of the emergency help relay the message to the right teams when seconds matter. For example, if there is a fire on campus, they can alert all of their teachers, as well as the local fire department.

Schools using the emergency notification will deliver alerts and voice calls from +1 844-969-0450. The staff and first responders should add this number to their emergency contact list to ensure the alerts reach your devices when triggered.

Kidio School Safety app

Silent Alarm

Alert first responders even if the situation restricts verbal communication. Our Panic Button is 100% digital, which means users are in control of which devices and contacts receive alerts, minus the loud alarms and dangerous panic.

Multichannel Communication

Urgent messages are sent through multiple channels. When an emergency is reported, contacts will automatically receive text messages and phone calls. The alert also notifies a quick checklist for the protocol.

Location Services

The location source of an incident will popup along with the alert in mere seconds with the press of a button. With location services, schools and responders can instantly know exactly where assistance is needed.