Helping principals create a safe learning environment.

Ensure students are safe throughout the entire school day with an easy-to-use platform for stress-free daily and emergency operations.

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Current Realities.

As an administrator, you know how cumbersome it can be managing your school’s daily processes using multiple different systems, while trying to keep everyone safe. With more pressure than ever to keep students safe and staff happy, it can feel nearly impossible to reassure everyone, especially when emergencies occur.

Does your school face…

  • Chaotic dismissals & long car lines
  • Millions of front office calls
  • Problematic behavior in hallways
  • Miscommunications during emergencies

Administrators shouldn’t have to give their energy to these issues every day and instead be freed up to focus on what really matters – learning. And now, they can.

Introducing Pikmykid

The platform giving you more control and peace of mind.

By combining multiple daily operations into one, easy-to-use system, administrators can finally enjoy facilitating safer and more stress-free school days for parents, teachers, and students.

Dismissal Management

Dismissal Management

Imagine the relief of knowing every student was safely dismissed with a timestamped record. With a streamlined process, dismissals run faster and clear communication gets rid of the need for millions of front office phone calls regarding dismissal plans.

Emergency Alert App

Emergency Alert System

Equip your staff to know exactly what to do during emergencies of all kinds. With a reliable, silent panic button app to report emergencies, staff can quickly alert admin and first responders when needed and receive instructions that utilize the highest standards of safety protocol for emergencies.

Digital Hall Pass

Digital Hall Pass

Monitor hallways safely with a digital hall pass system allowing you to mitigate problematic student behavior and serve students with special needs. With a real-time view of expired and active hall passes, you’ll know exactly where students are meant to be and be prepared to account for students during emergencies.

Emergency Reunification Tool

Emergency Reunification

When emergencies occur that necessitate reuniting students safely and quickly with their families, the platform everyone uses on a daily basis is ready to go. Pikmykid helps you verify the identity of emergency contacts, communicate with parents and staff, and complies with the Standard Reunification Method.

Pikmykid manages dismissal depending on the parents choice for the student. There is no question as to which way the parent is wanting the student to go home. We no longer have 50 calls to the office telling us to tell the student to change the mode of transportation to home. It is a time saver and well worth the money."

Teresa C., Elementary School Principal

Eliminate the stress and build in safety measures

Create a stress-free learning environment with a customizable platform that automatically builds safety measures into each moment of the school day. With real-time communication and steps to prevent safety vulnerabilities, you can ensure your staff and student are safer, while making their lives easier too.

Principals can feel confident in student safety

✔ Feel Confident Students are Safe

With a process that keeps account of student’s whereabouts on campus as they move about the building, allows you to verify students are safely released to guardians, and gives you an instant report when emergencies occur, you’ll have everything you need to account for students’ safety on campus.

Give teachers more time

✔ Give Staff Back Valuable Time

With an efficient process, staff no longer spend hours on office phone calls and communications back and forth via emails and chats regarding dismissal changes. Staff are freed up to focus on their other responsibilities and since dismissal is faster, staff on average save 75 min every week to redirect towards teaching, planning, and rest.

School faculty and staff communicate with parents

✔ Communicate Effectively with Parents

Ensure parents feel confident their kids are safe throughout the day with one-way messaging for regular announcements or when emergencies occur. Parents can also make dismissal changes through the app and receive notifications when their kids are safely dismissed and to whom. By keeping parents informed, you can minimize panic and increase safety.

Manage It All From One Place

Since Pikmykid runs on the devices your parents and staff already use, you can provide a seamless experience that minimizes miscommunication and keeps everyone up-to-date.

Dismissal Parent App

Parent Mobile App

On the parent app, Parents make instant dismissal changes without calling the front office, announce their arrival at pickup, provide identification, and receive  notifications on a daily basis, or when there’s an emergency. Because parents use it every day, they’re more engaged with the school as well.

Emergency & Daily School Dashboard

School Dashboard

Using the school dashboard, your staff can easily manage daily and emergency operations such as those during arrival, dismissal, hall passes, and when emergencies happen. They’ll have real-time access to historical reports to better understand and account for dismissal and safety activities as well.

Safe school dismissal system

Student Dispatcher

On the dispatcher, staff can manage dismissals from any device, such as a tablet or phone, in real-time as parents arrive at school. Staff can then release students from the classroom or a common area efficiently and reduce the vulnerabilities associated with dangerous, long car lines.

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

World-Class Onboarding & Support

With a dedicated team at the ready, we help you get everyone onboarded and ready to go within 10 days.

  • Highly-rated onboarding
  • Welcome kit sent in the mail
  • Resource library of training PDFS & videos
  • Dedicated account manager for life
  • Regular check-in phone calls
  • 24/7 email support for schools & parents
  • Daily support webinars
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Reliable & Safe Technology

Unlike other safety tools that require expensive hardware or leave gaps with faulty workarounds, our platform works consistently on devices your staff already have.

  • High quality tech with a 99.99% up-time
  • FERPA & COPPA compliant
  • Signer of the student privacy pledge
  • Never tracking biometrics of staff, students, or parents
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How Can I Get Started?

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Schedule a demo and complete a customized contract based on your school’s safety and dismissal needs.

bring pikmykid to your school

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We walk alongside you to implement the platform into the daily and emergency operations of your school. We provide everything you need to get staff and parents on board.


Enjoy Feeling Confident

You’ll enjoy feeling confident leading the way in making your school safer than ever for staff and students. And they’ll enjoy a stress-free experience of their daily and emergency operations too!

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