Dismissal Dashboard

With an all-in-one interface, PikMyKid helps reduce chaos during dismissal, maintain digital pick up records, and diminish liability—all while increasing student safety.

For Administrators - Dashboard
For Administrators - Reports and Records

Reports & Records

We provide schools with a free reporting system that ensures accountability. Schools are able to download reports that show all the dismissal information about who picked up the child, time of dismissal, and the pickup mode. We offer many different types of reports and all school users have access. This is perfect for schools or clubs that require attendance time tracking.

Parent Notifications

Parent notifications allows our teachers and administrators to quickly report issues directly with their parents. Our program will strengthen the communication channels by sending messages directly to their smart phone. Our messages and notifications will not be getting lost in their inbox because we send push notifications through the PikMyKid app.

For Administrators - Emergency Notifications
For Administrators - Reports and Records

Absentee Management

PikMyKid provides schools with lots of incredible features to manage absentees. Schools can decide to mark students when they’re dismissed early or as present or absent. They may also choose to enable the latter option for parents. Parents will then have the capability to mark their children absent. If schools want to make sure there’s another layer of security, they can decide to ask parents for their passwords when they perform this action. This is all done in a very easy way, just one click!

Emergency Notification System

When the unexpected happens in our schools, ability to raise an alarm to disseminate information to First responders, School staff, district officials & law enforcement and is absolutely critical. PikMyKid enables all users in school to push a ‘Panic Button’ when seconds matter.

Happy police officer because he is subscribed to the PikMyKid emergency notifications