Free Car Line

Streamline school dismissals with our free car line app. Setup takes 2 MINUTES OR LESS – GUARANTEED!

No Frills, No Fuss

Everything you need to get started – for free

  • No data input required: Simply choose your line size, enter student names, and go!
  • Share with your team: Get 5 free users on each school dashboard
  • Download reports: Access timestamped reports for administrative purposes
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Easy As 1...2...3

Modernize your school car line in no time

  • Step 1: Enter your school email address
  • Step 2: Verify email and claim your dashboard
  • Step 3: Log in and start your car line on any device (Speech-to-Text Capability!)


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Fits Your Needs

The school dismissal app that goes wherever you go

  • Easy to use for after school pickups, summer camps, daycares, or preschools
  • Urban or rural, big or small, Free Car Line reduces traffic and simplifies pickup no matter the school
  • Can be used on any device with internet
Claim your school dashboard now

Go Beyond the Free Car Line with PikMyKid Premium

School Dashboard

The school dashboard is an interactive platform where schools can manage child and parent information, such as delegations and change requests. This tool can be utilized on any device with a web browser.

Student Dispatcher

The dispatcher is a browser-based product that teachers and staff members will use to control real-time dismissals for their kids. The dispatcher will update live as parents announce themselves in the pickup line.

See all premium features →

Parent Phone App

Our parent application is a one-stop shop for parents and guardians. They have the ability to control dismissal changes, receive parent notifications, and announce themselves in the car and or walker lines.

Ready to Streamline Dismissal?

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