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Your dismissal process is what we like to call, a Hidden Landmine.

Dismissal up until now has been just a necessary part of the school day. But little did you know lurking under the surface is something with the potential to cause chaos and safety mishaps that were actually preventable. (Think stranger danger)

As the Hidden Landmine Dismissal Process:

  • You’re not really sure what the problem is (or if there’s even a problem) with your dismissal process.
  • You know you don’t have an organized way to run dismissal and little oversight as to how and with whom students are going home.
  • You’ve got room for safety mishaps, like students possibly going home with the wrong person or not knowing where students are meant to go after school. 

The good thing is… you’re now aware it’s time to take a closer look. Your first step is to take inventory of the way dismissal affects your staff and the possible safety issues involved for students. 

That way, you can move on to the next step, transforming your dismissal process from an undercover safety hazard into a streamlined and ultra safe experience for everyone involved!

You’ll want to consider a few categories like…

  • Which tools will help you optimize time and energy
  • Who are all the players involved
  • How channels of communication can make or break the experience
  • And don’t forget, SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY!

Ready to Transform Your Dismissal Process?

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