The School Safety and Dismissal Platform

Get ready to simplify dismissal, engage parents, and keep students safe with our easy-to-use platform

It's time to reimagine school safety

Does your school day end with...

  • Frustrated parents in long car lines?
  • Office staff answering endless dismissal calls?
  • Lost or unaccounted for students?
  • Tired teachers managing dismissal?
  • Disconnected emergency processes?

You’re not alone. Many schools struggle with outdated dismissal processes that waste time and leave students vulnerable. But there’s a better way.


Here’s how you make dismissal & safety a stellar experience

Faster car lines without the chaos

Dismissal Management

The Pikmykid parent app and staff dashboard transform how quickly your school’s dismissal process happens, eliminates unnecessary wasted time, and makes sure students get home safely. The best-part? Our browser-based solution is ready to go without the need to purchase, install, or support additional hardware!

See our dismissal solution

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Student protection you can count on

Safety and Emergency Tools

When emergencies happen, the Pikmykid platform gives staff and administrators the ability to keep an accurate record of every student, notify emergency personnel, contact specific groups of parents, and customize alerts to their school’s specific needs. 

Explore our safety tools →

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Real time notifications and updates

Parent Engagement

As parents use the Pikmykid parent app to make dismissal changes, pick up their kids, and receive real-time updates from your staff, they’re actively engaged in communication with the school. And when parents are engaged – schools win.

Learn how to engage parents →


All in one easy-to-use platform

School Safety reimagined (3)

Transformation you can see...

Used by more than 2,000 schools in all 50 states

I chose Pikmykid for our school because it's intuitive and cost-effective, and I knew we'd continue using it into the future. Carrie K, Head of School,

Built into a seamless system

The Pikmykid platform runs on the devices already built into your day to day.

Parent using the Pikmykid mobile app

Parent Mobile App

The parent app is a one-stop shop for your parents to instantly make dismissal changes, receive notifications, and announce themselves in the car line.

Admin for school can see dismissal progress on the Pikmykid dashboard

School Dashboard

The school dashboard allows your staff to manage student and parent info, as well as view real time and historical reports on dismissal and safety activities.

Teacher using the Pikmykid dispatcher

Student Dispatcher

The dispatcher lets staff control real-time dismissals as parents arrive at school. It can be used on any device with a browser, such as tablets, computers, or phones.

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