Safe Summer Camp Drop Off and Pick Up

The PikMyKid system manages all aspects of summer camp drop-off and pick-up. No matter what your camp needs, we can make it happen. Everything from overnight camps managing car lines and bus schedules. To day camps needing a solution for parents and students crowding around.

picture of a person managing summer camps from an ipad with pikmykid

Track Camper and Staff Health Check-Ins

Health check-ups are becoming standard for camps around the world. But managing that data securely and making it easily accessible for relevant staff to track trends is complicated. That’s why our parent app has been configured to work with a health questionnaire that camps can decide how often to require.
On top of all that, our software connects camps at the national and state levels as well as with local leaders in health and safety. This simplifies alerting local health officials of trending problems.

Maintaining Operations While Social Distancing at Camp

PikMyKid enables seamless, safe, and efficient social distancing in daily camp operations as well.
Our absentee monitoring system makes it possible for you to track which campers or staff are sick when they were sick, who they were around, and more. That way, you can easily make informed decisions.
Our software also streamlines parent communication about social distancing practices.

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Effectively Manage an Online Summer Camp

PikMyKid can also be used to enhance the online summer camp process. Through our virtual check-in feature, meals express platform and high rates of parent communication and usage.
Our virtual check-in feature helps your campers and staff to check-in. This also helps you to track which students are attending class and which aren’t.

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Our meals express platform simplifies and enhances the safety of meal delivery to underprivileged campers and families.
Lastly, our excellent rates of communication with parents will make it easy for you to share information with all parents about your camp. And, share documents and other information at the click of a button. Parents will be notified instantly of our communication, lowering the number of emails that get lost in people’s inboxes.