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Shrisha Saravana
Junior Blogger
Posted On:
March 14, 2017

Snow Day!!

Aaron Polansky, superintendent to Old Colony Regional Vocation Technical High School in Rochester, Mass., wanted a creative way to let his students know that waking up was unnecessary on Tuesday morning. He decided to rewrite Leonard Cohen’s famous ballad to break the news.

“I heard there was a winter storm, in Southern Mass there is snow in store, and you don’t really want to risk it do ya?” Polansky crooned into the camera. “Well it goes like this, we cancelled trip to New York City for Cosmo Kids so I guess we probably should cancel school.”

Seven students then sang the “Hallelujah” chorus in the background while dancing.

Aaron Polansky performing the song with his students.

In light of the forecasted nor’easter, many schools on the Easter Seaboard are taking a day off or dismissing early to be safe. In some areas, 10-12 inches of snow are expected- a veritable blizzard.

Polanksy has uploaded the video to YouTube, where it has hit over 7,000 views. Click here to watch it: Video (Hallelujah! No school)

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Shrisha Saravana  -  Junior Blogger

Shrisha is a junior contributor to the PikMyKid blog, and at 13 years old, she’s not that bad at it. She lives in Florida and is attending Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, one of the first schools to adopt PikMyKid.