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To us, only one thing matters: making schools safer and more efficient thus allowing everyone to have peace of mind and to focus on what really matters – learning. 

One way we’ve worked to make this vision a reality is by partnering and integrating with the edtech software you use on a daily basis. Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of hands-on experience and learned a lot of different benefits that come when you integrate your edtech software! Today we’re going to share those benefits with you. 

1. Enhances security

In a world of more and more data protection guidelines and laws, security is likely on the top of your mind when it comes to your school or district’s tech. 

A woman securing her data with edtech integrations

Data is even more complicated to deal with in K12 Edtech because access to students’ data is federally controlled and protected (as it should be). With these additional caveats, having a secure integration between tools will enable you to securely move data as needed and grant access to the approved parties when appropriate. 

Bottom line: EdTech integrations like between Student Information Systems (SIS) and Safety Tools help you avoid spreadsheets of students’ data in the wrong hands.

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2. Edtech integrations save staff time

When your staff doesn’t have to spend hours every day updating countless systems (sometimes with the same information across tools), they have more time to do what really matters: teaching and supporting students. 

When all of your edtech software is partnered and safely integrated together, you’ll not only save time and money, but give staff more time to spend on things they truly enjoy. Goodbye burnout!  

3. Accurate and simple data updates 

Keeping information up to date is an often complicated process. But thanks to technology, we can sync tools and in the process enable them to maintain the purity of your data. 

And, when your data is automatically kept up to date between systems, you remove the possibility of human error in that upkeep. 

4. Technology is good for the environment

Using technology to record and keep an eye on information is much more environmentally friendly than using paper for everything. 

hands planting a sapling

Using the Pikmykid software at your school decreases your environmental impact even more because we reduce carbon emissions by about 50 tons every year! 

To read more about Pikmykid and creating a sustainability plan for your school, click below to read this study on how your school can do just that! 

The Car-line Shuffle: A Sustainable Approach to School Transportation by Marc Steelman

5. Edtech integrations involve parents 

Partnerships in edtech can help streamline parent/school communication. And when school staff and parents know exactly how to clearly and easily communicate, that enables you to involve parents in more aspects of their kids’ lives. 

A family going on a hike

Countless studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between parent involvement and a student’s improved school performance – so this is a BIG win! 

6. Better insights

Software integrations can bring a bunch of different data together and in the process, significantly improve your reporting capabilities. More complete information enables you to make better-informed decisions. And those informed decisions keep your entire school community safer and running smoother. 

A man analyzing an edtech integration

7. Edtech integrations simplify the onboarding processes

And lastly, onboarding new people and new software is often one of the most complicated processes for anyone. There are often dozens of different software and hardware options that people have to become familiar with. While also unlearning anything from past positions that doesn’t fit with your current framework. Edtech integrations simplify these processes.

Overview of the Pikmykid software

Pikmykid has partnered with a lot of different educational tools over the years! Including ones that you’re probably familiar with or even use already!

Pikmykid edtech integrations


Clever is on a mission to unlock new ways to learn for all students. Since 2012 our team has been driven by a belief that technology is a powerful lever to make learning more engaging, give teachers superpowers, and advance educational equity. Now, 60% of US K-12 students use Clever’s single sign-on and secure portal for simplified access to a world of digital learning. Over 93,000 schools, including 97 of the top 100 U.S. school districts, and a network of leading application partners rely on the Clever API for speedy implementation and seamless student engagement. Clever, a Kahoot! company, has offices in San Francisco, California and Durham, North Carolina.

ClassLink is a leading provider of cloud-based education products that connect educators and students with their classroom, curriculum, and each other in richer, more powerful ways. As leading advocates for open data standards, we offer instant access to apps and files with single sign-on, streamline class rostering, automate account provisioning, and provide actionable analytics. ClassLink empowers 16 million students and staff in over 2,000 school systems.


FACTS  is committed to making educational dreams possible for families and students, as well as enhancing the financial stability and affordability of educational institutions. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including tuition management, payment processing, financial needs assessment, student administration software, a learning management system and more. 

Central Access SAM Spectra

Central Access Corporation (CAC) is a software development and support company serving the majority of Mississippi’s public schools. Over 320,000 students in MS are enrolled in CAC’s SAM Student Information System that keeps daily attendance, gradebook, and all student history until the student graduates.


Skyward’s administrative software solutions are used by more than 2,000 public sector organizations worldwide, from small entities to statewide implementations. Since 1980, Skyward has remained committed to a better experience for every user. 


At PowerSchool, we believe in the simple truth that every student deserves the best opportunities in life. That’s why our mission is to power the education ecosystem with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their potential, in their way.

Help your school save time, increase enrollment, and achieve its mission with Gradelink. An award-winning student information system and school management system, Gradelink is suitable for pre-K up to college-level schools. It combines management, teaching, and learning tools to help schools perform their best. Top features include attendance management, report cards, classes and scheduling, communications, student information, and student/parent access.


Blackbaud serves the entire social good community—nonprofits, higher education institutions, K–12 schools, healthcare organizations, faith communities, arts and cultural organizations, and more—Blackbaud connects and empowers organizations to increase their impact through cloud software, services, expertise and data intelligence. Their software includes school management, ticketing, grantmaking, financial management, payment processing, analytics and more. Serving the industry for more than four decades, Blackbaud is a remote-first company headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, with operations in the United States, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom.

If you’d like to learn more about Pikmykid and how we can improve the dismissal process and safety at your school, click here to schedule a demo!

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