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Safe & Efficient School Dismissal Solution

PikMyKid is the first and only smart dismissal solution and car line management tool for school districts, charter / private schools, after-school programs, YMCA’s, bus transportation, and daycare facilities. It connects schools, teachers, and parents through real-time tools to make dismissals safer and more efficient. Schools subscribe to PikMyKid for a small annual fee. The App is free for teachers and parents to use!

Finally! I am glad to have this app after our school adopted the PikMyKid system. Love the alerts for when my child has left school.

Michelle Merrier, PikMyKid Advocate and Parent

Elements of Our Safety Platform

PikMyKid is a one-stop shop for all the safety and accountability requirements of small and large school systems alike. Like Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) dedicated to a specific purpose, PikMyKid serves as the School Safety Platform(SSP), bringing all aspects of student safety and school’s emergency preparedness under one platform.

School Alarm For Emergency Response

Kidio offers an end-to-end SAFER Panic Button experience. Equip your school and staff with a tool to help them react appropriately when seconds matter in an emergency. This tool can be customized to satisfy the specific needs of each individual school and district.

Student Safety

Dismissal is the most stressful time of the day for any school administrator and also most vulnerable to Student safety. PikMyKid injects method to madness by providing smart technology tools for schools to manage the safety of our children.

Teacher Efficiency

For the first time, our teachers are equipped with the right tools to manage the dismissal process in an efficient manner by eliminating the guesswork. Allows less teachers to handle the dismissal process in a more secure efficient time frame.

for the parents

Peace of Mind

As a parent, we believe school pick-up should be stress-free, efficient, and convenient without sacrificing your child’s safety. Our smartphone app opens the lines of communication, allowing parents to have better control over who picks up their children and when. The app also allows last minute changes to their dismissal plans right from their phone. You get a real-time alert the moment your child hops on a bus, gets in a carpool, walks home, or goes to an after-school program.

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for the teachers

Less Chaos

At PikMyKid, we know what it’s like from a teacher’s point of view– some of us were teachers just like you! By streamlining the dismissal process with an easy to use App interface, you can spend more valuable time with your students and lesson plans. We want you to focus on education and not dodge traffic with loud hailers, walkie-talkies, and monitoring carpool emails!

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for the administrators

Flawless Organization

We know how important it is for you to keep the processes efficient and safe for all involved. Unfortunately, you can’t be everywhere at once. PikMyKid’s real-time administrator dashboard allows you to have a bird’s eye view of the entire dismissal process. You have the ability to generate reports and conduct audits to enhance efficiency. The most important fact is knowing that you have done what is the best and safest for our children.

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We love that you get confirmation that your child has been picked up –especially for the parent or guardian that is not in the pick-up line!

Somer Yocom, Principal, Joshua Independent Schools District

Some of our Partners

At PikMyKid, we pride ourselves on our network of schools. Our schools experience efficient dismissals, less traffic, happy parents and less stressed staff. All of our schools are important to us and their forward-thinking leadership is part of what makes being a PikMyKid School so special. We are constantly enhancing our platform by listening to all our stakeholders.

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In the Press

Hard work pays off! We are proud to be featured in the media for our dedication to safety and efficiency. Whether being interviewed for a well-known magazine, local radio show, on a tech panel, or a parenting blog, we love sharing the PikMyKid mission!

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