The School Safety and Dismissal Platform

Transform your daily and emergency operations with an easy-to-use platform that helps you keep students safe throughout the entire school day.

✔️ Faster Dismissals

✔️ Emergency Preparedness

✔️ Clear Communication

It's time to reimagine school safety

Does your school day involve...

  • Time-consuming and frustrating dismissals
  • Stressful and confusing emergency processes
  • Not knowing where students are on campus
  • Miscommunications with staff and parents

You’re not alone. Many schools struggle with outdated processes that cause confusion and leave students vulnerable to unintended safety risks. But there’s a better way.

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Trusted by 2,000+ schools across the world.

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“We love Pikmykid in Fairport because it keeps our families secure and safe. They know where their kids are. We know where their kids are. And It’s Wonderful.”

Dr. Tanya Wilson-Thevanesan,
Deputy Superintendent of Fairport Central School District in New York

Introducing Pikmykid

The easy-to-use platform helping you keep kids safe

With a combination of tools built to increase safety throughout the day, Pikmykid helps you create a stress-free experience for staff and parents during daily processes like dismissal, issuing hall passes, and even when big or small emergencies occur on campus.

Faster dismissals without the chaos

Dismissal Management

Imagine never having to answer another dismissal related phone call again! With Pikmykid, your staff will enjoy a:

  • Real-time view of where students are meant to go
  • Notification when a parent has arrived at pickup
  • Quick way to verify who is approved to pick them up

With a streamlined process, dismissal runs faster with less confusion and parents feel relieved knowing their kids are safer during arrival and dismissal.

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Quick action when seconds matter most

Emergency Alert System

Equip your staff with a silent panic button app to quickly report an emergency the instant it happens.

  • Directly notifies first responders
  • Sends clear instructions for varying emergencies
  • Communicates clearly and quickly with staff & parents
  • Meets Alyssa’s Law Requirements

Prepare for every emergency, big or small, with a high quality and reliable tool that goes with you wherever you go.

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Account for students' whereabouts

Digital Hall Pass

Create safer pathways for learning by monitoring student movement throughout the day.

  • Know where students are with timestamped passes
  • Locate students during emergencies & prevent panic
  • Mitigate problematic behavior by setting limits
  • Serve the needs of specific students with a 504 plan or IEP

With a real-time view of active or expired hall passes, you’ll be able to keep account of students and build in safety.

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Reunite students with families quickly

Emergency Reunification

Securely reunite students with their families during or after an emergency. You’ll be able to:

  • Easily communicate with parents and staff 
  • Replace inefficient paper reunification cards
  • Allow parents to name emergency contacts and upload pictures for enhanced safety
  • Provide real-time updates on each student’s reunification status

With a tool that complies with the Standard Reunification Method, you’re fully prepared.

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Hear Carrie's Experience

I chose Pikmykid for our school because it's intuitive and cost-effective, and I knew we'd continue using it into the future. Carrie K, Head of School,

Manage it all on one platform

The Pikmykid platform runs on the devices you already use so you can provide a seamless experience managing daily and emergency operations.

Parent mobile app

Parent Mobile App

The parent app is a one-stop shop for your parents to instantly make dismissal changes, announce themselves in the car line, and receive notifications on a daily basis or during emergencies.

School Dashboard

The school dashboard allows your staff to manage student and parent info, as well as view real-time and historical reports on dismissal and safety activities.

Student Dispatcher

Student Dispatcher

The dispatcher lets staff control real-time dismissals as parents arrive at school. It can be used on any device with a browser, such as tablets, computers, or phones.

Supporting you every step of the way

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Customer Support

We guide you through highly-rated onboarding, help you customize the setup to your needs, and provide year-round support for both school staff and parents. Your dedicated account manager also gives you access to a resource library of training PDFS and videos.

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Reliable & Safe

With a 99.99% up-time, you can trust your tech is high quality and ready when you need it every time. And being FERPA & COPPA compliant, as well as a signer of the student privacy pledge, you can rest assured your student information is kept private and secure.

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Built on Safety
Best Practices

Having built the technology to deliver the best practices of leading safety experts, you’ll have what you need to meet the highest standards of school safety, such as the Standard Reunification Method and Alyssa’s Law Requirements.

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How can we get started?

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Request a Demo

Your school administrator schedules a personalized demo and completes a customized contract based on your safety and dismissal needs.

bring pikmykid to your school

Get the Platform Setup

We walk alongside you to implement the platform into your daily and emergency operations by giving you everything you need to get parents and staff on board.


Enjoy a Safe & Positive Experience!

Your staff and parents enjoy efficient processes that make the school day safer and a stellar experience for everyone involved.

Ready to reimagine school safety? Book a demo today!

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