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We are in an era where you can’t get anything done without the help of technology. From your morning coffee maker to the device you’re reading this on to now, technological tools have their footprints everywhere. And technological school tools are no different.

Teacher’s and school administration need to keep up with the fast pace of technology advancements. As well as incorporating practical educational tools into your classroom. Tools that will help you organize and maintain the class, enabling you to focus solely on quality teaching. But, wading through the thousands of companies making new education tools is complicated. There are applications, products, services, and it can be quite hectic to find the ones that will make learning productive and fun.

Here we have rigorously tested and compiled a list of the best education technology tools to improve your classroom.

Google Forms 

There is always a group of curious students who are hesitant to raise their hands whenever they doubt. As a result, it costs them some really good marks in exams. According to research, a question clarified by a teacher is more likely to be remembered by the student than the whole lecture altogether.

Google Forms is a free, universally accessible application known to be one of the most engaging tools that a classroom could have. It allows you to ask anonymous questions and lets you have feedback from the students. Along with that, you can access a wide range of other Google applications to make presentations or make during-lesson-notes. Teachers can also use this school tool to create pop quizzes at the end of classes.

PikMyKid School Dismissal Software

Sure, managing students at their dismissal has to be one of the hardest things to do. The kids are eager to go home after all, but taking care of dismissal aftermath paperwork is a whole new level of stress.

Luckily, with PikMyKid School Dismissal Software, dismissal is a breeze. You can now dedicate your time to other essential things and leave hectic paper records and tedious phone calls to the software. By connecting the school and parents through this tool, you can record daily wellness checks, send emergency parent alerts, and enable social distancing – all in one place!


Considering the many subjects and lots of deadlines that students have to meet. Having a tool that can manage their day-to-day multitasking and organize their studies will be a life-changer.

This life-changer comes in the form of Trello for students. This free and fun school tool is used to teach students to organize and prepare for their assignments. In Trello, students can create workflows, lists, flashcards, and engage with other students to collaborate on projects within set deadlines. Emergency Alerts Software

Emergencies can arrive anywhere, anytime. When it comes to kids’ safety, we need to add an extra mile to protect them against any danger that may appear. With the help of, you can now do just that. offers an Emergency Alert System that provides a sense of safety at your school. You can equip your school with our tool to entirely rely on this to alert you anytime an emergency arises. can be customized according to your school or district and automatically send alerts as texts and phone calls to report an incident.

On top of that, our tool is specifically built to identify the source of an incident with just a single click. Thanks to its location detecting abilities, it will also report all the teachers where their assistance is needed.

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child using a school tool in the classroom


It can be hard to give attention to each student with their specific doubts and grade level. With Nearpod, you can encourage effective learning through fully-structured pre-hosted lessons from subject experts.

If you want to increase the content in the pre-made lessons, you can customize lessons by adding links and other video clips. Students can sync their lessons, and teachers can individually track each student’s progress throughout the academic year.

On top of all that, Nearpods allows you to interact with the virtual world. With Nearpod VRs and other 3D concepts, you can give your students a more realistic experience for history and science classes.


With FlipGrid, you can take a step further to bring school learning anywhere you want. This education technology tool allows you to interact with your students and discuss lessons all through video recordings. This application encourages shy students to answer confidently without feeling intimated. What’s more? Flipgrid allows pupils to formulate their ideas beforehand, enabling every student to take part in the class.


Infographics and images simplify complex concepts. The information will also likely stay in students’ minds longer, (especially for students with photographic memories). However, making infographics and condensing complicated concepts is no easy job. That’s where Venngage comes in!

Venngage offers free infographic tools for teachers and students to visualize and create infographics for self-learning and complicated general lessons. Moreover, the infographics made can be shared and saved to the rest of the students for real-time learning.

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Twinkl is a whole educational world of its own.

It’s an educational publishing company that brings together experienced teachers with half a million pre-made lesson plans. Students’ activities made for teachers to burden their shoulders and teach students with expert professors’ activities.

You can access Twinkl’s highest quality collection of AR education material from any device. Making it the most comfortable option to create interactive teaching material for your class.


If you have tried the ever-famous Kahoot! and Quizlet, you will love Gimkit. This tool gives students a competitive platform to test their abilities through “boss battles” in the classroom. Gimkit consists of live gameplay for introduction or reviews of complex concepts. and engage in burning questions for further practice. 

The content in Gimkit can be created within a few minutes so wasting time to develop quizzes is not an option!

Pear Deck

Students learn at different speeds and in different ways. That’s where Pear Deck comes in! It enables educators to spruce up digital lessons and increase learning and student engagement!. It does this by helping you create presentations and add assessments to your lessons for students to fill out as you teach. 

That way, teacher’s know exactly where each student is in processing the information that they’re teaching. Pear Deck enables them to go back during a lesson and readdress sections that students are struggling with.

In Conclusion

2020 particularly proved the necessity of technology in education. With the continuous progression of 21st-century technology, school tools will only continue to evolve and increase use. That’s why we at PikMyKid are committed to progressing with the world around us and creating the best software for your needs.

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