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To improve school safety is no joke. As an Elementary School Teacher, and at one point an aspiring Principal, one aspect of education that is never compromised is the safety of students. I remember the days in my grad school classes where all my professors were adamant about making sure they got one point across about what it means to run a school.


The children’s safety is first and everything else is secondary. With all of the horrific things that have been going on nowadays, every educator is trying their best to make sure that safety in schools is ensured. During school hours, we build fortresses around our schools. We have gates, officers, metal detectors, access codes, mandatory bandages staff members have to wear, cameras, etc.

Improve School Safety by good signage

However, what are we doing after school?

I know from my own personal experience dismissal at my school is antiquated. Teachers are having to raise their voices to call out kids’ names, one person is on a microphone calling out students one at a time, parents are irate waiting in the walk-up line, and teachers are constantly looking for students who aren’t at the bus. It is as if all safety is thrown out the window at 3:00 pm. I kept thinking to myself;

“How is this not apart of every single school? I need to be a part of making that happen and improve school safety!”

When stumbled upon PikMyKid, I was looking for a solution to our crazy end of the day “system”. However, they just so happen to be looking to add people to their team. I was very curious because PikMyKid seemed like the solution to the craziness that can be dismissal to improve school safety . As I started reading more and learning more about PikMyKid, I just felt compelled to apply to be a part of the team.

crossing guards Improve School Safety

PikMyKid is truly a solution to making sure kids stay safe at dismissal. I was eager to join the team so that I could learn more about PikMyKid and spread the word that there is a solution to streamlining dismissal in an effective, efficient, and most importantly safe way where all stakeholders are working together.

No longer are the days of post-its, clipboards, bull horns, and walky-talkies. No longer does the office phone have to ring one hundred times a day for dismissal changes. PikMyKid does it all and I am glad to be a part of a team that wants to make sure to improve school safety at the end of the day.

for those still curious

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