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There’s something special about this time of year that helps many of us reflect on what and who we are truly grateful for. Here at Pikmykid, we are all incredibly thankful for the school staff and faculty around the world. 

You help students feel confident, safe, smart, brave, hopeful, cared for, and more! Each of you plays such an important role in the future and we are so grateful for your hard work.  

'Thank You' Teacher Sign

Specifically, thank you for…

Making sub plans even when you’re sick so that your students don’t miss a beat.

Spending your own money to make sure no student feels left out or embarrassed they don’t have the same supplies as the other kids.

Running to classrooms to help out or get a message to your colleagues.

Staying late because a parent is running behind. 

Fielding the many phone calls and emails each day from parents and guardians. 

Diffusing custody battles in the parking lot. 

Taking time outside of contracted hours to make fun lesson plans and decorate your classrooms.

Somehow always having candy and rewards for students.

Standing in the rain or snow just to make sure kids make it to their buses and cars safely.

Coming in early to help with bus duty and staying late to lesson plan.

Volunteering your free time to coach and lead extracurricular activities so students can find their passion and grow.

Being a nurse, mom, therapist and cheerleader… all while teaching.

We know that your role can be tough. 

That’s why we curated a list of ideas from Pikmykid’s former school staff and teachers that both parents and admins can use to show appreciation and thankfulness during this Thanksgiving season (and beyond). 

You’ll especially love this list if you couldn’t pass a Cricut and Crafting class if your life depended on it. Here we go!

Gift for teacher from students

Which gifts do teachers actually want?

Gift Cards

Hands down, the number one item on the list is gift cards. I mean, who doesn’t love free money? Our team also shared that they especially liked it when they got to choose where the gift card is from.

Catered Lunch or Breakfast

The second most popular gift mentioned was FOOD! Whether you cater from a restaurant or have a food truck come to the school for lunch or breakfast, this gift is bound to be a hit with your staff. 

While breakfast and lunch were the most popular options, you could also consider pies, a fancy coffee bar, or other seasonal food items.

Happy Hour

One of our team members shared that they loved when their school would organize a happy hour at a nearby brewery after school. Whether it’s a brewery, distillery, winery or just a local restaurant, consider organizing a fun after school event to celebrate a job well done.

School Swag

When it comes to school swag, there are countless options and price points to choose from. Some popular options include Yeti cups, bags, laptop cases, lunchboxes, backpacks, lanyards, jackets, and more! 

Swag can be a great way to give a nice gift while also helping them share their school spirit with the community.

Notes from Parents or Students

Heartfelt, hand-written notes or emails from parents or students never go out of style. Knowing you went out of your way to say ‘thank you’ and recognizing their hard work can be one of the best gifts anyone can give. It’s also something they can hold onto in order to remind them why they do what they do on tough days.

Thankfulness Wall

Along the same line as a written note you can create a ‘thankfulness wall’ where students, parents, and staff can write a nice note about a teacher or other school colleague. What teacher wouldn’t get a smile on their face reading a wall full of sweet notes written to them? They can then share the love by writing back to their colleagues.

Cover Duty

Covering duty (like arrival, lunch or dismissal) to give teachers some extra time for planning, grading, or just going home early is a HUGE help. Consider having a sub or admin help cover duty every once in a while as an extra thank you!

What other ideas do you have for school staff and teachers this holiday season?

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