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August 15, 2022

Pikmykid has released a bunch of new features for their parent app just in time for the 2022 back-to-school season!

New Features:

Delete Your Account when Needed

  • When should a parent delete their account?   
    • Parents can delete their account if it is a duplicate or one with an incorrect email address or phone number. 
  • How do you delete the account?   
    • After logging in, tap the Account tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. Tap ‘Delete Account.’
    • After selecting ‘Delete Account’, the app will prompt you for the account’s email address and password to confirm deletion.


Manage Back to School Enrollment and Transportation Information

  • When can a parent update the Back to School Enrollment?  
    • By default, this feature will pop up in the app if their school’s start date is within the next 2 weeks .
    • The app will provide flexible reminders to complete the Back to School Enrollment survey. 
    • Once the survey is complete, the information will be communicated to the school and available in the school’s reports. 
  • How can a parent update this information? 
    • Log in to the Pikmykid Parent App; if your school is collecting back-to-school information, then you will see the ‘back-to-school enrollment view.’
      • Update your information
      • You can also update the information for the other parent/guardian connected to your kid.
      • Update your primary pickup plan (the pickup method that your child will use most of the time this school year.)
      • Choose your carpool preference and the nearest carpool address you would like to share with your school
  • Districts and Schools use this information to plan their transportation for fall and spring. The carpool details will help schools connect the parents from the same location to a carpool and reduce traffic on their campus.

Schedule Early Dismissal

  • When can a parent schedule Early dismissal?
    • Firstly, this feature must be enabled by your school for you to see this option
    • The school can also fine-tune their preferences to allow same-day Early dismissal scheduling in their settings
  • How can a parent set up an Early Dismissal Schedule? 
    • Tap on your kid’s profile to go to their calendar.
    • Choose the date you’d like to schedule an early dismissal.
    • Tap on the More actions button
    • Choose the Early dismissal option,
      • if you do not see this, your school has not activated it. Please contact your school
    • Choose the date and time for the Early dismissal.
    • The app then allows you to select the guardian or delegate who will be picking up your kid.

Keep Emergency Contacts Up-to-Date + Enable Picture Delegation


The Pikmykid Parent App ‘Manage Contacts Feature’ helps schools to have up-to-date emergency contacts for every student at any time. It also enables parents to add pictures to their delegates to increase safety and make it easier for the school staff to verify that the right person is picking up the right student.

When can a parent update the Emergency contacts?

  • Parents should be registered as primary guardians of their children.
  • Tap your Account tab, then select Manage Contacts to keep track of your delegates, add pictures, and nominate them as Emergency Contacts


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