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Pikmykid Releases New Features to Make School Safety More Intuitive for Staff and Families

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TAMPA, Fla., September 7, 2022 Pikmykid, the all-in-one school safety and dismissal platform, announces its latest releases to both the parent app and school portal that enhances safety at dismissal and during an emergency. 

Customers can leverage these new features for emergency reunification, emergency contact management, guardian verification, car line arrival auto-announcement, and more. 

Pat Bhava, CEO of Pikmykid said, “From day one, school safety has been our number one priority. With these new features, our customers are better equipped than ever before to not only handle day-to-day safety at school but also tackle any emergency.”

With these new features, parents have more control and transparency on their students’ safety, ultimately creating stronger relationships between parents and staff. 

Parent app updates both parents and staff will love include…

  • Identify guardians and delegates at pickup with photo based verification. 
  • Automatic notification of parents’ arrival when nearing campus. 
  • Schedule future early dismissals for appointments, vacations and more. 
  • Updating emergency contacts in the app syncs instantly with the school portal. 

The other main focus of this product update was emergency preparedness and reunification. 

“Managing an emergency at school starts with the emergency, but doesn’t end until all students are accounted for and safely reunited with their families,” shared Bhava.  “Unfortunately, we found that most schools lacked the tools they needed to successfully and efficiently handle reunification after an emergency.”

Intuitive school emergency tool enhancements

  • Alert a student’s emergency contacts in a moment’s notice from any device.
  • Host an emergency reunification plan including reunification locations. 
  • Mark students present or missing during an emergency.
  • Check-in guardians during emergency reunification.
  • Document each student’s reunion with their family.

“With this release we have made the reunification process very similar to the everyday dismissal processes that Pikmykid schools enjoy,” shared Jonathan Elliott, CTO at Pikmykid. “Studies show that repetition leads to reliable outcomes so if staff and parents are already familiar with the tool and processes through daily dismissal, the margin for mistakes during an emergency drop significantly.” 

Now, with Pikmykid’s school dismissal software, silent panic button, and emergency reunification features, school administrators can sleep easier knowing that each student will be safe throughout the school day.

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About Pikmykid

Pikmykid is the leading safety and dismissal platform that empowers schools to simplify dismissal without the need to purchase, install, or support additional hardware. Many schools struggle with safety and dismissal processes that waste time, leave students vulnerable, and exhaust staff and faculty. With Pikmykid, schools can trade in their outdated methods for a combination of dismissal management, safety and emergency tools, parent messaging, and real time reporting that keeps your staff happy and students accounted for. No more long car lines, endless front office calls, or missing students – just one powerful platform that allows schools to focus on what really matters – learning.

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