Case Study

North Joshua Elementary Engages Parents with Pikmykid


North Joshua Elementary in Burleson, TX

Interviewed Staff

Principal Tammy Watts

North Joshua Elementary in Burleson, TX uses Pikmykid for Daily Dismissal.

The Problem

North Joshua Elementary is a highly rated public school in Burleson, TX – but they needed serious help with their dismissal process. Between a chaotic front office and difficulty getting their 600+ students to their designated drop off, it was time to implement a dismissal strategy with substance.

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Parent Night Trainings

After bringing Pikmykid to their school, and completing the standard implementation process, North Joshua took parent adoption into their own hands with a series of staff and parent training nights. For families with new students, the “New at North” event gave parents a safe space to learn the Pikmykid platform with guidance from the staff at North Joshua. The result? Over 80% adoption from parents and a collective peace of mind.

No Exception Policy

As Principal Tammy Watts puts it, “You have to have a no exception policy. If you let lot’s of people not use the app, then you’re going to have lots of people not using the app.”

"It’s unbelievable as a principal the amount of calm it gives me. Ever since we implemented Pikmykid, we haven’t had any issue with kids getting to their designated spot.”
Principal Tammy Watts
North Joshua Elementary in Burleson, TX