Discover the 2022 Trends in School Safety & Dismissal

Download the report that measured the state of school safety through the lens of dismissal with insights from educators to help you improve your school safety.

The only thing we know for sure from the past few years is that safety is top of mind for everyone in education.

Though many of the safety challenges schools faced in the early days of COVID-19 now have standard procedures and solutions, there is no shortage of obstacles facing teachers and administrators on a daily basis – many of which have only compounded in the face of ongoing uncertainty.

If you’re an educator who wants to know what action steps you can take right now to make school safer, this report is for you.

Pikmykid surveyed more than a hundred educators across the United States…

At the beginning of 2022 to understand where teachers and principals were feeling the most pain when it comes to school safety

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In this report, you’ll gain insight into:

  • Which emerging safety vulnerabilities pose the biggest threat during dismissal?
  • What are the major pain points staff and administrators are facing?
  • Which solutions make the most sense based on common occurrences?

With these insights, you’ll be able to consider your next steps to improve your school’s safety right now.

You’ll have what you need to create safe and positive learning environments, connect members of the community together for increased safety, and utilize new solutions that are readily available and effective to create positive change.

Let’s reimagine school safety together.