Safety Funding Made Easy: A Discussion On The Georgia School Safety Grant

Still have unallocated Georgia School Safety Grant funds? Uncertain about where to begin? We’re here to guide you! Watch this on-demand webinar on the intricacies of the Georgia School Safety Grant program.

Discover from this webinar…

The importance of the Georgia School Safety Grant

Representative Matt Dubnik will kick off the discussion by shedding light on the legislative journey behind the grant. Learn why it was passed, the objectives it aims to achieve, and the overarching commitment to enhancing safety in Georgia’s educational institutions.

Unpacking grant utilization

One of the key aspects of this webinar is demystifying the grant application and utilization process. Paul Hildreth, Director of Safety and Security at Fulton County School District, will share insights from their grant process such as how they evaluate tools and resources, what aspects are considered, and how they handle approvals through the district by the deadline.

Ideas for filling safety gaps

Explore various avenues for utilizing the Georgia School Safety Grant to fortify safety measures within your school. Discover how tools like Pikmykid can fill potential safety gaps within your school or district and be included in your grant utilization plan.

about the speakers

Matt D.

Matt Dubnik

Education Appropriations Chairman,
Georgia House
Paul Hildreth

Paul Hildreth

Director of Safety and Security,
Fulton County School District
Dee Bohne

Dee Bohne

Vice President,