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As the market leader for School Dismissal Solutions, PikMyKid consistently ensures:


PikMyKid is aligned for Title-I Grant Funding

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is an important step for ward to improve the education system. The ESSA "Every Student Succeeds
Act" law requires that all Title I schools and families work together and PikMyKid helps to measure few of these criteria from a single


Safe & Efficient School Dismissal Solution

PikMyKid is the first and only dismissal and safety solution for school districts, charter/private schools, after-school programs, YMCA's, summer camps and daycare facilities. It connects schools, teachers, and parents through real-time tools to make dismissals safer and efficient. Schools subscribe to PikMyKid for a small annual fee and it is free for teachers and parents to use.  

Car-riders   |   Bus-riders   |   Walkers

Less Chaos. More Organization.

Independent Research & Case studies have proven that PikMyKid saves over $40,000 of teacher's time per school per year due to the efficiencies in the school dismissal process. 

Reduced Liability

Increased Staff Efficiency

Better student outcomes


“Mrs. Mahoney goes above and beyond to help other teachers to succeed as a person and at their job. She does a fantastic job during dismissal with PikMyKid. Our entire dismissal time has reduced by over 15 mins. We are in a busy traffic area and PikMyKid has worked to make parents and teachers happier during dismissal.” 

– Elissa Lobikis, Teacher/Staff Member 

"Before PikMyKid, our school's dismissal was an absolute disaster! We at the PTA tried everything to help our school for years with no luck. Then when we heard about PikMyKid from another school, we decided to buy it from our PTA funds and it turned out to be the best decision. 

– Selena Powers, Parent 

“I am not involved with daily dismissals, but I hear PikMyKid works like a charm outside. But from my perspective, it has saved me at least 40-50 emails and phone calls every day to my desk about changes to daily dismissals! All changes now are made by parents directly on their App!  ” 

– Bette Fields,  School Administrative Assistant

“Pikmykid has made arrival and dismissal a breeze. Safety was a big concern with students that risk getting left, lost, or injured so having a number system helps us to keep track with all registered students on campus is great! ” 

– Sakenna Mear, Parent and Teacher 

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Extra instructional time and supports for students

Research has shown that school staff saves at least 15 minutes of their daily planning time by using PikMyKid's automated daily dismissal report, which results in more instructional time.

Parental involvement and activities

PikMyKid brings parents and schools closer in communication through app notifications, email and voice messages. Parents use the app to communicate absentees or change dismissal for the day.

School Level Parent/Family
Engagement Plan

Using PikMyKid, schools configure all their enrichment programs & after-school activities in one place. Schools are able generate reports and track all after-school attendance using the PikMyKid program.

District Parent/Family
Engagement Plan

PikMyKid School/District dashboard allows the schools to customize communication to specific groups of school parents or to the entire parent community through push notifications.


Safest Dismissal Solution

Safety during daily dismissals is the weakest link in overall safety at schools today. Every school ensures a closed campus with access controls throughout the day, yet during dismissals, we line up our kids in corridors and allow unrestricted access to outsiders in campus. This vulnerability can be greatly reduced with PikMyKid.  

Indoor Dismissals

Emergency Alerts
Safe Change Management

Authenticating custody/carpools

Secure Delegations
Rainy day/Plan B/ Reunification

REQUEST DEMOCALL US: 813-649-8028CALL US: 813-649-8028
CALL US: 813-649-8028

School Safety 

Organized Dismissal

Title-I Aligned

PikMyKid for Districts

District Dashboard
The district dashboard will provide you with a dynamic view where you can view all your school's dismissal status. It will also provide you with real-time progress view that will make onboarding a breeze.
School Insights
Having a birds-eye view into all your school’s safety procedures is a top priority. Your schools will share how efficiently they are using their safety network so you can work with them to mitigate risk
Updated Contact Info
When the parents are engaged, so is the currency of their contact info. Since we touch a nerve that parents so deeply care about, PikMyKid has over 85% parent engagement on a daily basis at most schools. 
District Wide Analytics
Access up-to-date insights into aggregated and specific information at each school. Quickly pull reports on truancy, afterschool programs, and even gaze into the dismissal breakdown between car riders, bus riders & and walkers.

PikMyKid is the most Comprehensive School Dismissal Automation Solution today. Thousands of schools around the world have consistently observed smoother dismissals with reduced traffic congestion and carbon footprint, thus creating a more healthy and sustainable school community.


Smoother Traffic 


Easy Setup in 24 Hrs

PikMyKid in Media

Funding Options

Federal or State School safety Grants

School District’s Transportation Budget

Local County or City Department of Transportation

School Insurance Company’s safety Grant

PTA/PTO Fundraisers

Title I Funding (PikMyKid is aligned with Title I funding requirements)

Principal’s discretionary Budget 

If your school/district is considering purchasing PikMyKid, here are some of your funding options:

Capterra User reviews


We've been using PikMyKid for two years now. It has reduced our dismissal time.

Karla P. 


PikMyKid has gotten much better and easier to use over time

Chelsea M.


PMK has really helped streamline our dismissal process!

Brooke S. 


Very helpful and useful program that is easy to use and understand

Michelle C. 


Using PikMyKid to 

Fundraise for your School

Did you know that PikMyKid app is an ideal fundraising platform?

With over 85% of parents using PikMyKid for daily dismissals, schools have successfully raised thousands of dollars through sponsored messages on the App

PikMyKid not only pays for itself but generates additional revenue for other activities at school

Sponsor content, pricing, and placement are controlled exclusively by the school staff or PTA/PTO via the PikMyKid dashboard.