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Your dismissal process is what we like to call, a Shimmering Shield.

Dismissal used to be just a necessary part of the school day that caused confusion and unnecessary safety vulnerabilities. Staff and parents cringed thinking about making dismissal changes and running the process out in the parking lot. 

But ever since you took action to employ the Pikmykid school safety and dismissal platform, those issues have taken a back seat to the streamlined and ultra safe experience you now encounter on a daily basis. 

As the Shimmering Shield Dismissal Process: 

  • You’ve taken the steps to make your dismissal process streamlined and ultra safe by using Pikmykid. 
  • You incorporated smart technology to do the heavy lifting for you to keep you organized and well informed on all the details.
  • You’ve built in the highest safety standards for dismissal processes using the platform so that everyone has peace of mind that students are safe during the process.

By incorporating smart technology into your school day, you’ve considered the following factors and created a better experience for everyone involved.

  • Which tools help optimize time and energy
  • Who are all the players involved
  • How channels of communication can make or break the experience
  • And most important, SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY!
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Ready to Transform Your Dismissal Process?

Book a demo today to see how Pikmykid can help you make dismissal a breeze and every school day safer.

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