Our Story

Before the world with School Dismissal Softwares, Pat Bhava, Founder of PikMyKid, spent hours of his time waiting in car pick-up lines at his daughter’s school wondering if we could make it safer for our kids and easier for our teachers. He quickly learned that the school dismissal process in most schools is the most stressful time of the day for the school staff. What’s worse is that, in today’s digitally-driven world, the only technology schools use to manage this process are megaphones, walkie-talkies, and clipboards. PikMyKid team set out to build a simple system to make the school dismissal management smarter, safer, and more efficient by designing a comprehensive school dismissal software that actually works for the schools and teachers while keeping the parents happy and the kids safer. The product of that work is PikMyKid!

The Team

Pat Bhava
CEO & Co-founder
Pat had been jolted into PikMyKid due to his personal experiences in school carlines. An ex-Naval fighter pilot and deep-sea diver with an MBA and BS in Physics, Pat is experienced in building teams and solving problems. He is a serial entrepreneur, having built and sold a few startups. His previous projects include Sachi Ventures, Inc., Tun-Du-Ree, LLC, and Spiceline Logistics.
JR Elliott
Jonathan Elliot specializes in taking software products from a napkin idea and executing a development strategy that ensures that product successfully makes it to market. When he is not coding, he enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife & driving their vintage cars.
Chitra Kanagaraj
Chitra brings years of IT industry experience & SAAS Product Strategy and Customer Implementations to the PikMyKid team. Most recently, Chitra served as the Strategy Director at Cognizant. She has lead cross-functional teams in multinational fortune 500 companies and excels in delivering market ready technology solutions. She has an MBA from University of South Florida and holds a BS in Electronics Engineering.
Rey Bermudez
Rey is a Software Engineer with an extensive background in web development. He loves to work in a team environment with Microsoft Technologies. Rey is passionate about water sports and baseball. He earned his Bachelors degree from the Computer Science University in Havana, Cuba.
Sandra Salgado
Customer Success
Sandra has a Bachelor’s degree in Education, specialization in Spanish language. She is originally from Cuba, where she taught for eight years. She was IT instructor at a business school in New Jersey. She moved to Tampa three years ago. Here she worked for two years as a bilingual paraprofessional at Chamberlain High School and one year as Spanish teacher at Alonso High School. She is married and has two kids. She loves to help people, spending time with her friends and family, and watching TV.
Chase Belisle
School Safety Consultant
Chase has studied Business Administration at Florida State University with a focus in Sales and Consulting. He has experience in financial service consulting with public service members, as well as, an interest in IT sales. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, concerts, golfing, and going to sporting events.
Sydney Clermont
Director of Training & Implementation
Sydney is an experienced Corporate Trainer, Educator, and Client Manager. She is knowledgeable about working with various educational systems and implementation. Sydney has a passion for helping others and traveling. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Central Florida.
Claudette Zoll
Customer Success
Claudette, received her degree as an Registered Nurse while raising her four girls. Her passion for education lead her to work for a non-profit school. She worked several years in the school system as an assistant to the Executive Director. There she learned various aspects of running a school. Her dedication to children is what keeps her constantly learning. One day her goal is to travel the world and learn a different language
Heather Hobden
Marketing Analyst
Heather’s passion for digital marketing started by launching a blog in her teens. From there, she progressed to doing digital marketing for a variety of industries and companies. Her expertise lies in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Writing. But her fascination with the industry drives her to constantly learn more every day. When she’s not writing or developing content for marketing, she enjoys cooking, cleaning, crocheting, reading, and listening to true crime podcasts.
JJ Roberts
Board Member and Director of Public Relations
JJ Roberts has been a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years, founding his first startup in 1984. After the sale of his fourth startup in 2008, he began helping other entrepreneurs navigate the path to success as a mentor. He met Pat as PikMyKid was just beginning. Soon his passion to again, be part of something important, took over and he joined PikMyKid full time. He spends what little spare time he has playing golf, competing in triathlons, or writing his second children’s novel.
Neha Yadav
Customer Success
Neha is a College Graduate where she studied Anthropology. She has a great interest in the study of human behavior and possesses vast experience in customer support. She believes in going above and beyond to keep the customer happy and provide them with a satisfactory resolution on time.
Nita Supradeepan
Customer Success
Nita hails from Pondicherry, India. She has a Master’s degree in English and is a qualified Teacher. She is inspired to continuously reinvent herself and be a ‘people’s’ person, she never misses an opportunity to get to know more people and make new friends. For the same reason, when she travels, she has great fun meeting the locals and understanding their way of life and culture. And she loves yoga.
Brii Coleman
Customer Success
Brii is a Training Specialist, her background includes Higher Education software, Education, Administrative roles, and Event Planning. She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. She has an interest in anything creative, different cultures, and history. In her spare time she is a foodie, plays games, reads articles and graphic novels, and plans activities with friends or family. She is driven and goal-oriented in all aspects of her life.
Dee Bohne
VP of Sales
Dee brings over 25 years of experience in Education and Edtech sales. Her expertise is in selling enterprise technology solutions and leading sales teams to high growth performance in the Higher Education and the K-12 market. She loves working in SaaS companies that are passionate about the end-user experience and the company mission is to help make teaching and learning easier. She started her career teaching high school and coaching girls’ varsity basketball and graduated as a student athlete at Pepperdine University focused on secondary education.
Rachel Goldschein
Customer Success
Rachel is a former teacher specializing in special education.  She has taught at all levels from preschool to high school.  Middle school was her favorite setting.  Her bachelor’s degree is from Manchester University in Indiana and her graduate degree is from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. After ten years of teaching students, she has joined the Pikmykid team and now enjoys teaching teachers.  She loves learning, reading, sunshine, good vibes, and spending time with friends and family.
Kylie Hartwig
Customer Success
Kylie has been on a 7+ year journey of customer advocacy, that’s led her into the Finance and Human Resource Sector as well as helping her become an Executive Assistant. That journey has led her to become a valued member of the PikMyKid Support Team. When she’s not working, she enjoys pursuing her artistic side through painting, drinking coffee, and being a mom.
Darius Sillart
Customer Success
Darius graduated from Hillsborough Community College with Honors. He is currently attending the University of Central Florida with a major in Computer Science. He played baseball from 3 years old through college and is still a huge Yankee fan with ambitions to be a season ticket holder. He enjoys coding in several languages, building/upgrading PCs, and gaming. He has a rescue dog named Wrigley whom he spends most of his time with. He’s also very passionate about music and singing.
Eric Sala
School Safety Consultant
Eric is a business graduate of the University of South Florida with a background in sales support and marketing. He has helped streamline the efficiency of sales teams in the radio broadcast industry but is passionate about keeping kids safe and implementing new ideas. In his spare time, he loves playing guitar, songwriting, photography, and backpacking abroad.
Marissa Kearney
School Safety Consultant
Marissa earned her Master's in Leadership and Education from Saint Francis University. Before joining Pikmykid she worked as a Higher Education Administrator at the University of South Florida and as a 6th-grade teacher in Saint Petersburg, FL. Providing a safe, equitable environment for every student has always been her top priority. When Marissa is not contributing to student success you can find her at the theme parks!
Cheyenne Smith
Senior Manager of Growth Marketing
Cheyenne is a digital marketer and competitive problem solver. She’s helped several growth-stage tech startups launch and scale their content and email programs, and geeks out over user-centric design and conversion rate optimization. Cheyenne attended UT Austin where she founded and ran the Liberal Arts publication The Liberator. When she’s not working, she’s making comics, doing trivia, or performing “Love Shack” with her husband at karaoke.
Trevor Hewitt
VP, Customer Success and Support
Trevor Hewitt heads up our world-class Customer Success and Support teams. Trevor was previously a co-founder and the VP of Customer Success and Support at Smartcare before being acquired by Vanco in December 2020. Trevor then became the VP of Customer Adoption for all of Vanco's product lines (K12, Churches, Childcare, Food, etc.). Trevor currently resides in Henderson, NV (only 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip!). He and his wife Megan have two children and two dogs (Bear and Foxy). Trevor has a Bachelor's of Business Administration from the University of Michigan and a Master's Degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Trevor enjoys hiking and performing amateur magic shows for his children before bedtime.
Selena Petko
Customer Success Manager
Selena is a former Educational Interventionist with many years of customer service experience. She has studied at Nevada State College with a major in Elementary Education. Selena was born and raised in Las Vegas, and enjoys trying new things. Selena enjoys traveling, checking out cool coffee shops, and spending time with family. She is passionate about the customer service experience and hopes to WOW every customer she interacts with.
Jeff Miller
Sales Development Representative
Jeff is a graduate of Southeastern University with a Bachelors of Science in Youth Ministry. Since then, he has continued his work with students by managing a Mathnasium and teaching Middle School Math. While working in schools, Jeff dealt first hand with the struggles associated with the dismissal process and hopes to make a difference through PikMyKid. In his spare time, he loves playing D&D, Watching Star Trek, playing the Bass Guitar, and Voice Acting.
Cammy Hawn
School Safety Consultant
Cammy has spent most of her professional career in sales and marketing but most recently, she has been teaching for the past three years. Prior to that, Cammy started her own business and developed and grew her business from the ground up. She not only created her brand, but she also developed the products, prospected "new" customers, and sold to retail stores, large events, and E-commerce.  Cammy’s pride and joy are her two daughters. She loves spending time with them and supporting their many extracurricular activities at school.
Austin Matthews
Sales Development Representative
Austin graduated from UNC - Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science in Information Science with a focus in Business and Systems Analysis. He has experience teaching at libraries as a volunteer and assisting in data science research at UNC Chapel Hill. He comes from a SaaS background and has an interest in educational technology and how it can help keep kids safe. He enjoys hiking, sprinting, weightlifting, social studies, practicing the harmonica, and making sushi.
Erica Jankowski
Brand Marketing Manager
Erica is an experienced digital strategist who loves helping people. That’s why her ambition is to create compelling brand and content strategies so that people can find the most innovative and effective digital solutions to their problems. She grew up in Hawaii, is also a wedding musician, and loves dogs.
Natalie Kass
Customer Success Manager
Natalie received her graduate degree in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of South Florida. During her studies, she developed a love for educational technologies working as an Entrepreneurial Lead and Technical Writer for a software company that enabled students to conduct peer reviews on academic writing. Before joining Pikmykid, she taught as a Fulbright Scholar in Macau and traveled the world. She is a cat person, new mom, and loves to visit coffee shops in the tri-county area.
Employee of the Month
Bashful is PikMyKid's resident guard dog & nap expert. He enjoys long walks, welcoming visitors, & raiding the break room fridge.
Senior Wooferson
Meisie - Meaning "Girl" in Afrikaans. She is a rescue from Friends of Strays. Has a propensity for always finding work to do. If it is chasing a squirrel or testing out different toys, she is always on the move. Favorite saying "it doesn't taste like nothing".
Customer Pupperteer
Wrigley is a 15 month old border collie mix and a rescue. He loves to play fetch, play with other dogs, swimming, chasing lasers, and meeting new people.