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Love Pikmykid? Invite colleagues to try the Pikmykid platform. As a thank you, we’ll send you a gift for every school that signs up for the first time.

They’ll get to experience a transformation in their school safety and dismissal management.

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About Our Referral Program

Simply fill out the email address of the point person for the school you’d like to refer above. From there, we will send them an email invitation for them to request a personalized demo to learn how Pikmykid works to address their dismissal management and safety needs. It is best to refer a point person who has decision-making power on dismissal management and safety tools, such as a principal or superintendent.

By inviting your colleagues to try Pikmykid, you’ll be empowering them with a whole new suite of tools to simplify dismissal, engage parents, and keep students safe. They’ll gain access to an easy-to-use platform that not only helps them manage arrival and dismissal from one place but also gives them a chance to make their school safer at the same time.

The referral must sign a contract for the referrer to receive the gift. If a school is referred by multiple referees, the first referral form fill will determine who receives the referral benefit. The referral reward only applies to schools signing up for Pikmykid for the first time. A referrer may refer up to 30 colleagues.

Pikmykid reserves the right to cancel the Pikmykid Referral Program or to change these terms & conditions at any time in its sole discretion. However, it will not affect the usage of any discount already earned, in accordance with these terms & conditions.