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Cheyenne Smith
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August 19, 2021

The infamous car line: Parents hate it, teachers dread it, and administrators spend way too much of their timing managing it.

When it comes to adopting new technology in schools, one of the most powerful investments a district can make is in school dismissal software. Whether you’re looking to save time, improve communication, or keep track of students’ whereabouts, this game-changing technology may be for you. Keep reading to learn why:

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10 Benefits of Automating Your School Dismissal With PikMyKid

1. Track every pickup and drop-off

No more losing track of kids or missing delegation change requests. Dismissal records make it easy to keep track of every child at your school. You can also pull reports that show dismissal trends over time.

2. Minimize front office calls

Parents and guardians manage dismissal changes from their smartphones; everything from carpooling to bus riding to delegations, and more. Average time savings of 10 hours per week. (Learn more about PikMyKid’s parent app)

3. Say goodbye to sticky notes – Go paperless!

School staff no longer spend their day writing (and misplacing!) dismissal changes when parents are able to update delegations or change requests on their own.

4. Manage absentees

Using a parent-powered dismissal app automates the absentee process and enables staff to stay updated on all absentee students: when, why, and for how long. (Read our article on how dismissal software can help decrease tardies and chronic absenteeism).

5. Make approvals easier

As guardians make changes to students’ calendars, you can access them, approve them, and add additional changes as needed in real-time. This also helps with custodial issues and approved visitors.

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6. Increase instructional time

No more cutting into class time to deal with dismissal chaos and delegation updates! Teachers can view a live feed of dismissal and pick up options for their students at any time. Average time savings of 15 minutes per class per day.

7. Stay safe (and dry!) from inclement weather

Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowing, our software requires minimal staff outside to manage the dismissal process. 

8. Secure communication

With PikMyKid, every time there is an on-campus check-in or dismissal, the parents or guardians connected to each child are alerted with secure notifications. That way, there’s no more confusion over who’s supposed to pick up each child or if they got on their bus.

9. Peace of mind for school and parent communities

From our dismissal dashboard, everyone involved can have a birds-eye view of the entire process, increasing safety and efficiency!

10. Safer Dismissals

With a real-time view to parents and buses on campus, students are sent to the correct pickup locations every day.

How Schools Use Dismissal Software

More than 2,000 schools trust PikMyKid’s award-winning dismissal solution to keep their campus safe and efficient. Here’s how one school has used our tools:

Want to see more testimonials? Learn why schools choose PikMyKid and how we can help your school or district today.

Ready to Streamline Dismissal?

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PikMyKid is the first and only comprehensive safety & dismissal platform. Whether you’re a public, private, or charter school, daycare, summer camp, or after school program – our tools help keep your students safe, your parents informed, and your staff free to focus on what matters – teaching.

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