Why Do Schools Choose Pikmykid?

Here's how the Pikmykid school safety and dismissal platform helps everyone have a better day at school.

Here's why

Our story starts with serving you.

Pikmykid began after seeing first-hand how schools struggle with dismissal processes that cause chaos and frustration. And even more, major safety vulnerabilities were going unaddressed. Since then, we’ve grown our dedication to offer every school a comprehensive platform that simplifies dismissal, engages parents, and keeps students safe.

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Take stress out of the picture.

You should be empowered to run dismissal with tools that make it so easy, you can train a substitute teacher in your sleep. We’ve built our tools from years of direct feedback from schools so we know exactly which elements hinder a streamlined process (ahem, google spreadsheets), and how to get rid of them!

Pikmykid has allowed us to be more efficient, allowed our teachers to focus on what’s in the classroom, and has reduced the phone calls to our office by 70% throughout the day. John Legg, CFO + Co-Founder, DaySpring Academy
We empower you to...

Manage it all from one place.

Whether you’re in the car line, releasing students from the classroom, or helping kids into cars or the bus, our platform lets you manage the process simply. With real-time reports that let you account for and communicate every student’s whereabouts, you have everything you need to make informed safety decisions and guarantee everyone is on the same page.

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Put safety at the forefront.

You’ve never had more access to built-in safety measures. Unlike other safety tools that require expensive hardware or leave gaps with faulty workarounds, our platform works with partnering SIS systems and on devices your staff already have. And most importantly, we involve parents directly, which is the key element to ongoing student safety.

Pikmykid has been an absolute lifesaver for our school. We quadrupled the number of parents picking up their kids in cars. There would have been no way for us to manage the car line and pick up safely during Covid without this site and app. Karin C, Principal, School
We empower you to...

Get back lost dollars and hours.

We found that schools unknowingly waste an average of $47K each year through inefficient dismissal processes that waste your staff’s time and make them want to pull their hair out. Our tools pay for themselves in two months by reducing the number of unnecessary expenses you’re paying for and give your staff back valuable time to be productive in more meaningful ways.

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Make everyone’s day positive.

You deserve to celebrate a positive end to a successful day of learning, and our platform helps you do just that. As teachers and parents express frustration with dismissal, you have the power to bring a solution that truly puts a smile on their face at the end of the day. Happy reunions for parents with kids and teachers gaining more time for planning can make a huge difference.

It keeps the kids safe, it's easy for us to use, and because dismissal is so fast, it extends the teaching day. Tara H, 5th Grade, Teacher
We empower you to...

Maintain a healthy learning environment.

As the world continues to change, Pikmykid gives you what you need to make school a safe place to continue learning. With the ability to communicate quickly with parents and staff on safety updates and emergencies, as well as to monitor students’ physical and mental health, you can implement a safe learning environment for everyone involved.


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