Why Do Schools Choose PikMyKid?

We streamline dismissal, increase safety, and allow teachers, parents, and students to focus on what really matters – learning.

Why Do Schools Choose PikMyKid?

One dismissal tool for your entire staff

Goodbye spreadsheets, phone calls, and walkie talkies

Teachers have more time to teach, admins aren’t bogged down in carpool calls, and principals can account for every student.

  • School Dashboard: Manage student and parent information, such as delegations and change requests, on any device
  • Student Dispatcher: Allow staff to control dismissals from the classroom as parents announce themselves in the app
  • Reports and Records: Track dismissal information about who picked up the child, time of dismissal, and the pickup mode

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Empowers and engages parents

Change of plans? No problem

Forget office calls and emails, all parent communication now happens in one place.

  • Easy-to-use App: Assign pickup delegations from any Wi-Fi device (in English or Spanish!)
  • Real time notifications: Send one way notifications to parents regarding closures, emergencies, or other updates
  • Absentee + after school management: Allow parents to mark their children absent directly from their phones

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Unmatched Efficiency

PikMyKid pays for itself in 2 months

  • Nearly eliminate office calls with the parent app
  • Save 40 hours of staff time every month with shorter dismissals
  • Shrink your school’s carbon footprint by 20,800 lbs each year

PikMyKid has allowed us to be more efficient, allowed our teachers to focus on what’s in the classroom, and has reduced the phone calls to our office by 70% throughout the day.” — John Legg, CFO + Co-Founder, DaySpring Academy

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Keeping students safe in a changing world


Health check-ins

Our Parent App and Administrative platform have been formatted to work with a customizable health questionnaire to keep everyone safe and healthy throughout the school day. 



Our virtual check-in feature helps your teachers and students to check into their virtual classrooms. This also helps you to track which students are attending class and which aren’t.

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Social Distancing

Allow staff to manage drop off and dismissal with minimal person to person interaction as well as notify parents and other relevant individuals about possible outbreaks of illness.