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Michigan School Districts Grant Opportunity!

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Michigan School Districts can now receive Grants for PikMyKid through PlanetM! PlanetM is Michigan’s Mobility initiative, which drives the future through mobility technology partnerships. PikMyKid is honored to be one of 4 recipients for this 2020 grant.

About the PlanetM Mobility Grant Program

This grant focuses on solving some of the toughest transportation problems in Michigan. Including afterschool traffic, electrical vehicle charging, and curbside management. Because PikMyKid mitigates afterschool traffic congestion, we are a proud recipient of this grant.

This is a great public-private partnership promoting innovation while positively impacting the community! This grant initiative improves access for Michigan School Districts with limited budgets. We’re, therefore, using this opportunity to help the state of Michigan drive innovation in student safety and recipient schools to exemplify themselves as mobility friendly schools in their neighborhood.

Michigan school districts grant opportunity graphic for PikMyKid

About PikMyKid

PikMyKid’s smart mobility solution for schools ensures the safety of kids and drives a positive change in their communities. This is done by empowering schools with affordable technology.

Initial research shows that schools observe reduced traffic congestion, increased carpooling, and safer processes for kids to walk home after-school. This creates healthier and more sustainable school communities.

We maximize the socio-economic impact within the school community and improve safety at various levels. Additionally, As part of this pilot, PikMyKid will be providing a district-wide view for Michigan School Districts to share their benefits. This sets a framework for other regions to follow.

We believe that school safety should not be a function of its zip code. Therefore, we go beyond our core expertise to ensure our innovation can reach the school communities that are most in need. This includes working with cities, states, and many other grant authorities to find the right resources to pilot our smart tools and other resources into schools.

Other School Grant Opportunities with PikMyKid

  • We have secured a Michigan State grant of $60K  to help school districts benefit from the program for the next 12 months
  • We have a quick guide to help schools apply for SVPP and COPS Federal grant (another opportunity for schools).
  • In 2018 we secured a Ford smart mobility grant $50K for Miami schools to pilot or program
  • Florida DOT and TBARTA partnership has helped 25 schools in the Tampa Bay area pilot this program for free in 2018-19.

PikMyKid would like to support up to 20 schools in Michigan School Districts. As a part of this program, we will help increase safety, ease school traffic congestion, and reduce carlines. Additionally, we also provide tools to help expand mobility options like Van/carpool and promote walkers & biking.

Michigan School Districts, Apply Now!

If you are Michigan School and interested in our program please fill in this application here


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