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Chitra Kanagaraj
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April 2, 2019

TBARTA signed a partnership with PikMyKid to provide an affordable School Safety Grant for schools with traffic challenges in 5 counties in the Tampa Bay area. The focus was to increase the awareness of PikMyKid among other school traffic and safety initiatives from TBARTA & FDOT to the schools in the Tampa Bay area and educate them on how schools across the country are benefiting from PikMyKid and this School Safety Grant directly.   As a part of this competitive grant process nomination will be open to solicit inputs from the school and parent community followed by an interview process. All public, private and charter schools in the region are eligible for this grant nomination. Once selected the schools are eligible for 1-year free PikMyKid license to enjoy faster carlines, less dismissal chaos and stress-free school days for administrators.

PikMyKid was founded by Saravana Pat Bhava to solve the congested and inefficient dismissal issues many charter, public, and private schools face across the country. The solution, born of need, is a comprehensive safety platform to ensure student safety and teacher efficiency in schools throughout the US and abroad…

As a parent, Bhava saw that the system was broken and in major need of repair. When his daughter was in elementary school, Bhava witnessed first-hand, the inefficiencies created by walkie-talkies and clipboards. He recalls, “At one point, they let the wrong child get into my car!” He knew then and there that the flawed, mass release of students at 2:30 was something that needed repair. PikMyKid is a one-of-a-kind system designed to get children out of the school safely during the cumbersome dismissal process. The software system mitigates traffic congestion and simplifies dismissal procedures. The system also allows parents to connect with other parents willing to carpool to school thus reduce the actual number of cars on the road.

School Safety Grant Application

*The time to apply for this grant is expired as of June 30 2020

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Chitra Kanagaraj  -  Co-founder

Chitra brings years of IT industry experience & SAAS Product Strategy and Customer Implementations to the Pikmykid team. Most recently, Chitra served as the Strategy Director at Cognizant. She has lead cross-functional teams in multinational fortune 500 companies and excels in delivering market ready technology solutions. She has an MBA from University of South Florida and holds a BS in Electronics Engineering.