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Pikmykid January 2016 Update Newsletter

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We at Pikmykid hope the start of the New Year finds you well and hope you are just as excited as we are to see what 2016 has in store. Since our last update in November, we have continued to work hard and we wanted to keep you updated about our continued growth as a company.

We are happy to announce we have had new Pikmykid schools in Ohio, Connecticut, & Florida since our last update. We’re so excited to help them make their schools Smarter and Safer! The importance of student safety will never change and Pikmykid is proud to be helping schools every day.


This week at Jamie Meloni’s “That Business Show” Awards Dinner we accepted with honor the award for Most Innovative Business Idea. It was such a great experience to look back on this year with other entrepreneurs and friends.

To hear the highlights of our interview with Jamie on his show and how the Pikmykid program is evolving follow this link: 

We have also welcomed a new member to our team! Our newest intern, Veronica, is currently attending the University of South Florida for her degree in Communications. We are excited to have her on board this spring and show her what Pikmykid is all about!

Recent Pikmykid Parent Reviews:

“Everything is so much more organized and the app is working great for our family.”

“There is no more confusion about where she is supposed to go when the bell rings and letting the school know I’m there is perfect for quick pick-up.” 

 “Being able to change my child’s pick-up plan remotely is extremely helpful for a busy mom like myself.”

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