Student Safety No Matter the Zip Code

Protect students and give parents peace of mind with real-time safety and emergency tools

Make every second count

Handle emergencies big or small

Whether you have a campus intruder or inclement weather, communication is key. The safety and emergency tools built into Pikmykid are thoughtfully designed and available to every school staff member to help them react appropriately in an emergency when seconds matter most.

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Safety tools for every situation

Silent Alarm

With the panic button, you can alert first responders even when verbal communication is not an option. Since it is 100% digital, you can be in control of which devices and people receive alerts without loud alarms and dangerous panic.

Multi-channel Communication

When an emergency is reported, the appropriate people will automatically receive messages. Since they are sent through multiple channels, by text, email, and voice message, you’ll have the greatest chance they’ll be received quickly and accurately. 

Location Services

When an incident is reported, the source of the incident can be identified immediately with one press of a button. School personnel and responders will instantly know exactly where assistance is needed.

Emergency Reunification

Quickly inform staff and parents of your detailed plans when emergency reunification is necessary. You’ll be able to communicate clearly where parents are permitted, and not permitted, to pick up their student.

Prepare Staff

For every different kind of emergency, you can customize the instructions for specific staff to address incidents, such as inclement weather or a campus intruder. Since these instructions pop up on their device when needed, they won’t need to go looking for them anywhere else.

Emergency Resources

We provide your school with digital checklists and protocols from safety experts so that your staff will know exactly how to respond during an incident. You can always customize these to your specific realities as well.

Get rid of confusion

All your safety tools in one place

Many schools have to use multiple tools to secure their arrival and dismissal, and emergency processes. We know that communication is key for safety, so we went ahead and put them all in on convenient place on the Pikmykid platform. We’ve partnered with safety leaders to provide the most powerful emergency alert system linked to the dismissal tools you’re already using.

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Ensure student safety

Document every student's dismissal

When a student leaves by car, bus, walking, or to an after school program, it is time stamped and saved in a report so you can confidently communicate students’ whereabouts. Their parent also receives a notification of their safe dismissal for peace of mind.

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Stay ahead of the curve

Monitor physical + mental well-being

Physical and mental health check-ins are quickly becoming a standard part of the school day and more important than ever. Pikmykid’s parent app is configured to allow you to administer customizable health questionnaires while keeping the info secure, easily accessible, and actionable for your school.

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Providing safety to thousands of schools worldwide

Ready to Upgrade Your Safety Protocols?

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