Student Safety No Matter the Zip Code

Protect students and give parents peace of mind with our real-time safety and emergency tools

Ensure student safety

Document every student's dismissal

Mistakes happen. When they do, your school is equipped with timestamped reports to help you confidently communicate students’ whereabouts. Whether you’re tracking a bus route, after school program, or custody notes – we’ve got you covered.

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Make every second count

Handle emergencies big or small

Whether you have a campus intruder or inclement weather, communication is key. Enable your staff to act quickly with a combination of our customizable alerts, panic button, multi-channel communication, and location services so you can make every second count.

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Safety tools for every situation

Emergency Alerts

Once you customize alerts specific to your school, we allow you to designate which personnel get notified, what actions they should take, and procedures for the event.

Silent Alarm

Alert first responders even when verbal communication is not an option. Our panic button is 100% digital so you can control which devices and contacts receive alerts.


When an emergency is reported, the right people will automatically receive a text and phone call. The alert also shares a short checklist with approved protocols.

Location Services

The location source of an incident will pop up along with the alert in seconds so responders can instantly know where assistance is needed.

Stay ahead of the curve

Monitor physical + mental well-being

Physical and mental health check-ins are quickly becoming a standard part of the school day. Pikmykid’s parent app is configured to administer health questionnaires while keeping the data secure, easily accessible, and actionable for your school.

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Ready to Upgrade Your Safety Protocols?

Book a demo today to see our emergency alert system, health questionnaire, and real-time dismissal reporting in action.

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