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PikMyKid Offers 1,000 Free School Licenses for its Panic Button App

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PikMyKid Offers 1,000 Free School Licenses for its Panic Button App

In the Event of an Emergency, the Kidio School Panic Button App enables school staff to raise an alarm on any device with the push of a button

(TAMPA, FLORIDA) March 7, 2018 — Leading provider of school safety solutions PikMyKid today announced that it will be offering 1,000 free school licenses for its Kidio Safety Panic Button app. This feature on the PikMyKid platform enables school staff to raise an alarm on any device with one push of a button.

“In light of recent events, PikMyKid wanted to lend a hand in helping schools prepare for unexpected and unfortunate emergencies,” said Pat Bhava, the CEO and co-founder of PikMyKid. “We understand budgets are tight for schools, but that should not prevent schools from being prepared. We are proud to provide 1,000 schools with our Kidio Safety Panic Button app, which raises instant alarms to an entire school and its first responders.”

School Emergency Panic Button

The Panic Button app delivers alarms silently to prevent panic at school. Users can create custom contact groups related to each incident, and protocols are quickly pushed to group participants.

The emergency notification system is connected to first responders, providing school staff with the ability to send instant alarms at the touch of a button. The app sends emergency responders an alert of the event as well as a digital blueprint for the school, providing them with exact layouts. The app also live-tracks the phone, sending continuous positional information of the person who pressed the panic button to emergency responders.

Along with the Kidio Safety Panic Button app, PikMyKid also provides a free Car Line App designed to manage the car line more effectively during daily dismissals. The service improves student safety, offers peace of mind for parents, and saves time for school staff.

Since its launch four years ago, PikMyKid has grown to serve more than 100,000 users in schools in 26 states and five countries. In the beginning, PikMyKid was created to approach safety issues schools face surrounding daily dismissals. PikMyKid connects teachers, parents, and students by tracking every transaction with real-time alerts that are sent to parents exactly when their child is safely on a bus, walking home, or being picked up in the carline.

About PikMyKid

PikMyKid is a comprehensive school safety platform for smartphones, tablets, school portals, and district dashboards. Created to streamline communication and ensure dismissal is safe, it offers parents control over their child’s safety and gives staff tools and peace of mind when the dismissal bell rings. Districts can confidently control and manage emergency notifications or have a live view of dismissal at their schools. The platform prides itself on being safe, smart, and economical. PikMyKid’s solutions are FERPA, COPPA, and SOPIPA compliant. To learn more, visit

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