Getting Started

Our free school car line is designed with school pick-up lines in mind. So we have features built in to allow you to manage your car line effectively. Please make sure you have internet access on all devices at all locations as you walk around your car line on any WiFi connected devices.

Step One

Configure your free school car line by typing in the name of your school eg. “East River Elementary School”.

Step Two

Once you have your car line named, choose the length of your car line, this is the length of your active loading line. So if your car line usually has 100 cars, but you only load 8 cars at a time, then you should use 8 for your car line length.

Step Three

Finally, you will click on the “Create Line” button.

That’s it! You should be good to go to start your dismissal. Scroll to the next section to view some tips and tricks to get the most out of the Free School Car line Express. Or you can click here to start your free Carline Express now!

Start Your Free Carline Express

More Tips

Here are some additional tips and tools you can utilize to get the most out of your free Carline Express.

Active Line

This line contains cars that are being actively loaded

Hold Line

This line contains cars that have been moved there indicating there is some irregularity with the car eg. verification of the guardian’s identity or child forgot backpack etc.

Next Lines

These lines contain information on the upcoming cars in the car line. Making organization and readying children much easier.

View Free School Car Line in Multiple Displays

Free School Car Line portal

On the main car line display click the “More Displays” button. The window shown here will appear. You can use the email address boxes to share the line with other staff via email, or just take your device and scan the QR code for the appropriate car line. There is a view-only line and an editable line. It is recommended that you use the view only car line to display in your student dismissal area and the editable car line should be used on any devices used to insert or remove cars from the car line.

Share the Free School Car Line Portal

One of the best features to aid a safe dismissal is the power to share your tools! The ideal dismissal set up would be:

  • A teacher inserting cars into the car line. This teacher would be adding cars to the car line either by typing or by using the speech to text feature to more quickly add vehicles instead of using the normal notepad or walkie-talkie.
  • A teacher monitoring the students and viewing the car line on their device to keep children organized and send them to the car pick-up area correctly.
  • A teacher at the point where children are loaded into cars. This teacher can do 1 of 4 actions for each car:
    • Reorder the cars if necessary (press advanced controls then “actions” next to the child’s name).
    • Dismiss each car individually.
    • Dismiss all cars in the active loading line.
    • Move cars to the hold line to deal with any irregularities prior to dismissing the vehicle.

Like using our Free School Car Line version?

If you like using our free car line, you will love our full dismissal system. Our full system provides higher security and even more efficiency. You’ll enjoy the added benefits of stored student data, personalized logins with saved settings, a parent portal eliminating phone calls about dismissal changes, parent phone notifications and more. Schedule a short demo to learn about how the full PikMyKid system can help you securely manage the entire process– from buses to after-school programs.

Start Your Free Carline Express