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The Education Leadership Award Winners Are…

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The Education Leadership Award Winners Are…

After weeks of overwhelming submissions to our PikMyKid team. We are honored to announce our 2019 winners! With there being an abundance of nominations from our amazing parent and staff members, choosing just three for Education Leadership Award was tough. We’ve seen the enthusiasm that our schools have and it’s brought us so much inspiration.

Education Leadership Award announcements

Honorable Mentions

These are a few of our favorite submissions for Education Leadership Award:

Education Leadership Award winner

“I am beyond grateful …more than words can describe…for the way Mrs Humphrey treats my daughter like she is valued and matters. She doesn’t have to go above and beyond. She is the reason my daughter likes school. She is the reason my daughters self esteem is improving. She is the reason my daughter is less shy in class and she is the ultimate reason my daughter has improved her grades in all subjects. I’m not the best person at writing up these things and I wish I you knew at the least, how much I will always admire her and more so thank her for making my daughter and all the other kids feel secure, safe, confident, and successful. Please consider her for for the spotlight! Even if someone else wins…. it’s very clear and evident of how amazing she is by the way “her kids” love her!!!”

Parent, Country Heights Elementary School
Aspire academy

“Principle Monique Cincore is the most amazing school leader I ever met in the school system. She is a great example of an inspiration educator and she embodies the role of a great leader. She truly does care about her children in the school community. Her passion for make sure each child receive a great education shows daily.”

Parent, Aspire East Academ
Leadership Award winner

“Yes, Gwendolyn Lorthridge. She deserves to be spotlighted because she embodies the qualities a great leader possesses. She is caring, listens, patient, fair, and the faculty, parents, and students, love her. She makes decisions based on what’s best for the children. She always puts the children first. She’s genuine and she’s honest.”

Parent, RISE prep.
Education Award winner

“Ms. Lazareva has helped me on so many occasions that I can’t limit my applause to any one incident. Miss Lazareva uses every single class as an opportunity to ignite a love of learning in her students and raise their spirits. She will generously give her recess and lunch periods to explain concepts that I may not have grasped earlier. I always feel happy when I walk into her classroom, and I am instantly able to brush off any stresses and upsets that may have happened earlier, and “press reset” on my day. I know Miss Lazareva has the same impact on many of her students, and I am so excited to share her with you in this forum.”

Parent, The Moriah School

Thank you to all of our nominees!


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