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Make school safety & dismissal a breeze with an all-in-one tool to save you time and bring peace of mind from arrival to dismissal.



Current Realities.

As a teacher you know how tiring it is being asked to do more with less support. With schools having fewer teachers and asking them to do more to keep students safe during the school day, it’s no wonder that ‘frustration’ topped this list.

During a recent study, 85% of school staff shared that dismissal feels….

  • Frustrating.
  • Worrisome.
  • Confusing.
  • Regretful.

Many schools try to manage arrival and dismissal with outdated processes that waste time and can leave you and your students vulnerable. But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

You deserve something that brings peace of mind and lets you focus on your love of teaching.


The Safest School Dismissal
& Emergency Manager

With Pikmykid, you can spend less time on frustrating dismissal processes and trying to get ahold of the office when a student falls down. You’ll have everything you need to create a safe and stress-free environment to focus on what you love – teaching!


Ensure students are safe from the moment they arrive on campus until they’ve been dismissed. Pikmykid allows parents to instantly update dismissal plans and teachers to verify those permissions to keep students safe.

Alert System

Give staff a way to quickly and safely get help during big and small emergencies with an emergency alert system. Staff receive instructions to their devices and can communicate silently throughout the incident.

Emergency Reunification

Enable staff to accurately account for students following an emergency. Using the same platform, schools efficiently facilitate reunification and communicate with parents throughout the process in real-time.

Digital Hall Pass

Create safer pathways for learning by monitoring student movement throughout the day. Setting limits and paying special attention to patterns helps you make informed decisions and keep students safer.

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“I have been at other schools that didn’t use Pikmykid. The end of the day was pretty chaotic. With Pikmykid, it keeps the kids safe, it’s easy for us to use and because dismissal is so fast, it extends the teaching day.”
Tara H.
5th Grade Teacher at Dayspring Academy


Take Stress Out of the Picture

You should be empowered to run the school day with tools that make it so easy, you can train a substitute teacher in your sleep. We’ve built the platform from years of direct feedback from teachers so we know exactly which elements make your day stressful (ahem, google spreadsheets), and how to get rid of them!

Experience Stellar Communication

As parents make dismissal changes instantly on the platform, you can see exactly when to release the right student to the right person without sticky notes, phone calls, & emails back and forth from the front office.

Gain More Time for Teaching & Rest

Since dismissal runs smoothly and quickly, teachers gain on average 75 min back per week to reinvest into teaching or some much needed rest at the end of the day.

Feel Safer During the School Day

With a platform that prevents accidents, custody battles, and vulnerability to harsh weather in the parking lot, you’ll feel safer and supported, especially during emergencies.

Manage It All
From One Place

Whether you’re in the car line, releasing students from the classroom, or helping kids onto the bus, Pikmykid lets you manage the process simply. By using a cloud-based platform, you can make real-time updates that keep everyone on the same page and create a positive end to a successful day of learning!

View Dismissal Plans

Staff can view every student’s dismissal plans including real-time updates, mode of transportation, early dismissals, and will be alerted when it’s time for a student to be dismissed.

Communicate With Parents

When a bus is running late, or if parents need an extra reminder about an upcoming field trip, staff can easily message a specific group of students’ parents whether it be just one bus route or an entire grade in one click.

Increase Instructional Time

Since teachers can see on the dashboard exactly when a student’s parent or bus arrives, they can continue investing in students from the classroom at the end of the day.


Feel Confident To Handle Emergencies

You’ve never had more access to built-in safety measures. Unlike other safety tools that you “hope” will actually work during an emergency, Pikmykid works on the devices and uses the processes you already use on a daily basis for dismissal. That way, you know exactly what to do during emergencies and quickly get the support you need!

During an Emergency You Can:

  • Communicate the incident in one click.
  • Notify admins immediately for support.
  • Receive instructions for what to do.
  • Feel safe with your mobile, silent panic button.
  • Make emergency reunification clear & easy.
  • All on an app that goes with you everywhere you go!
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“It’s amazing. We’ve never gotten our kids out of school safer, faster than we have with Pikmykid. Love it. Highly recommend it.”
Elementary School


How to Bring Pikmykid To Your School

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Enjoy A Transformed Experience!

Feel happier and safer throughout the day with a transformed experience that makes a positive impact on your whole community! You deserve it.

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