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Pikmykid is a school safety and dismissal platform designed to help schools manage the complexities of school dismissal and safety management in a simple, secure, and streamlined manner. While Pikmykid is a great tool for all schools and their students, it can be especially helpful for schools attended by students with disabilities or special needs.

Safety at Dismissal

Pikmykid’s platform has the ability to customize school pickup options. Parents can add special instructions to their kid’s account, such as a request for a specific pickup location or the need for assistance in getting to the pickup area. 

Schools can use the app to create customized dismissal plans for each student, which can include information about any special needs or accommodations that the student may require. This information can help ensure that each student’s dismissal is tailored to their individual needs, which can help reduce stress and anxiety for both the student and their family. 

Extra Support at Dismissal

This tool can be especially helpful for children who have mobility or sensory issues, as well as students who need extra support during dismissal.

For example, Autistic students specifically can have challenging ‘behavioral moments.’ This can slow down school dismissal and possibly prevent the student from getting the support they need. With Pikmykid, the dismissal staff can use the “Hold button” for these particular moments. This buys the students some additional time to compose themselves before being released out to the car line area. 

One of Pikmykid’s current schools likes the “show real-time carline information” option in the settings so that parents coming to pick up these students can see their kid is on hold (probably having a behavioral moment). They also use the messenger feature to communicate with parents the status of their kid, letting them know they may need to pull to the side and let others go by while they wait.

Parent Peace of Mind 

The platform provides real-time monitoring of school dismissal. Schools can record, and parents can be notified, when a kid is checked out, when they are picked up, and by whom. This information can provide peace of mind for parents who may worry about their kid’s safety during dismissal. For kids with disabilities who may need extra support during dismissal, this can be especially reassuring. 

All parents want to know their kid’s are safe at school, including when they are dropped off at school and when they leave, yet parents of a kid with special needs may have additional anxieties with leaving him or her all day. It really provides that extra feeling of security when they have an app that can provide accountability for their kid from drop off to pickup.

Specialized Schools

Pikmykid is used across the nation by public, private, and charter schools, daycares and even after school programs. What isn’t quite as known is that Pikmykid has also been adopted by facilities that teach adult students with special needs. 

One such facility uses the app’s check-in feature as a timestamp for billing purposes. They have also adapted the feature which currently notifies parents of when school buses leave the school to work for their situation by sending notifications to families when a participant is leaving the facility and heading home in a taxi or bus. 

Another adult school using Pikmykid is a residential school, meaning the students live on campus. They use it as a notification and check-in system for the students when they leave campus, class and when they arrive back into their dorm rooms.  

There is really no limit to the situations Pikmykid’s platform can be used to support safety and dismissal in schools and facilities whose job it is to educate students with special needs.

IEPs, 504 Plans and BiPs

Pikmykid’s platform can play an important role in supporting students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), 504 plans, and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs).

These plans outline specific accommodations, modifications, and interventions that are necessary for a student to succeed in school. Here are some ways Pikmykid can be helpful for students with IEPs, 504 plans, or BIPs:

  1. Customized Dismissal Plans: Using Pikmykid allows schools to create customized dismissal plans for each student. This can include information about the accommodations and modifications the student needs during dismissal. For example, if a student with a physical disability needs assistance getting to their pickup location, the school can include that in their dismissal plan. If a student with an emotional or behavioral disorder needs to be picked up in a specific location or with a specific person, the school can include that information in their dismissal plan, as well.
  1. Real-Time Communication: Pikmykid allows parents and schools to communicate in real-time. If a parent needs to update their kid’s dismissal plan, they can do so through the app and the changes will be communicated back to the school immediately.  This can be especially helpful if a student has a sudden change in their behavior or needs a different accommodation during dismissal.
  1. Security and Safety: Pikmykid provides an extra layer of security and safety for students with IEPs, 504 plans, or BIPs. Schools can document when a student is checked out and when they are picked up, which can help ensure that they are leaving with the appropriate person. For students who may require extra supervision or support during dismissal, this can provide peace of mind for parents and school staff.

Digital Hall Pass

Traditional systems require teachers to hand write paper hall passes and keep account of them manually. Pikmykid’s Hall Pass feature is a digital hall pass linked to a database that records the time, location, and reason for a student’s departure from the classroom. Compliance with, and reporting on, the implementation of 504 Plans, IEPs, and BIPs can be time-consuming and complex for school administrators. Digital hall passes can help record compliance, such as a student on a 504 plan going to the nurse to get prescribed medicine, or a student with an IEP getting an escort for the physical support they need. If a student with a BIP is frequently leaving the classroom due to behavioral issues, Hall Pass can help identify patterns that might be causing this behavior. Hall Pass is a valuable tool in supporting students that have special needs. Digital hall passes automate the process and save time for teachers and administrators, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

Financial Assistance: IDEA

There is financial assistance available to support students with disabilities. One in particular is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA, which ensures students with disabilities receive a free and appropriate public education nationally.

IDEA governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention, special education, and related services to eligible infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities.

This financial assistance can be applied to a platform such as Pikmykid due to its ability to help your school keep students safe.

For students on the autism spectrum, Pikmykid supports a structured rhythm to help them succeed at school. With a clear plan for arrival and dismissal, schools can prepare students for everyday expectations and communicate well when schedules change.

The check-in feature allows school staff to know immediately when they need to arrange for services for students and can assist with progress monitoring.

The physical and mental health check-in feature enables schools to monitor students’ wellbeing and progress each day.

Learn more about IDEA here.

Digital Support

In conclusion, Pikmykid can be a valuable tool for schools to manage the safety and dismissal of students with special needs, IEPs, 504 plans, or BIPs. By creating customized dismissal plans, allowing real-time communication, and providing an extra layer of security and safety, Pikmykid can help ensure that students with special needs are safely and efficiently dismissed from school. 

Learn more about how Pikmykid can help your school or learning facility’s needs here.

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