Customizing safety to your specific needs

With every school, district, and geographic location posing different challenges, Pikmykid has been designed to be customizable for your unique safety and operational needs.

Gain a tailored experience in school safety

The way your daily operations are set up greatly affects the experience and safety of everyone involved. At Pikmykid, we work with you to ensure your specific needs are met with a range of features customizable to deliver a stellar and ultra safe experience.

Take a look at how Pikmykid helps you transform your daily and emergency operations.


Making School Days Safe & Stress Free For

School Districts

Districts & School Systems

K-12 Schools

K-12 Schools

Before & After School Programs

Before & After School Programs

Daycares and Preschools

Daycares & Preschools

Summer Camps and Clubs

Summer Camps

School Districts Enjoy...

  • Feeling confident with reports on students’ whereabouts
  • Easily running and managing drills to prepare staff
  • Keeping parents informed with one-way messaging
  • Managing daily and emergency operations from one place

… with Pikmykid’s Dismissal Management, Digital Hall Pass, Emergency Alert, Emergency Reunification, and Parent Messaging.


K-12 Schools Love...

  • Giving staff back on average 75 min/week by speeding up dismissal
  • Keeping account of student’s whereabouts on campus
  • Providing staff peace of mind with emergency tools at their fingertips
  • Communicating effectively and regularly with parents

… with Pikmykid’s Dismissal Management, Digital Hall Pass, Emergency Alert, Emergency Reunification, and Parent Messaging.


After School Programs Appreciate...

  • Accounting for student’s attendance with a timestamp for billing
  • Giving parents an easily way to schedule kid’s dismissal to programs
  • Communicating with parents when students are checked in and dismissed
  • Speeding up the pickup line and verify pickup permissions at the end

… with Pikmykid’s Dismissal Management, Attendance Management, and Parent Messaging.


Daycares and Preschools Benefit from...

  • Knowing when each specific parent have arrived at pickup
  • Easily arranging carpooling with parents
  • Verifying that each person picking up a kid has permission
  • Gaining a timestamped record of duration of kid’s attendance

… with Pikmykid’s Dismissal Management, Attendance Management, and Parent Messaging.


Summer Camps Use Pikmykid to...

  • Speed up the pickup line
  • Give parents a way to announce their arrival at pickup
  • Verify the person picking up each kid has permission
  • Gain reports of student’s attendance

… with our Dismissal Management, Attendance Management, and Parent Messaging.

Introducing Pikmykid

The customizable safety platform giving you peace of mind.

By combining multiple daily operations into one, easy-to-use platform, schools can finally enjoy safer and more stress-free school days for staff, parents, and students.

dismissal management pikmykid icon

Dismissal Management

Imagine knowing every student has been safely dismissed with a timestamped record. By streamlining the process, you can eliminate millions of front office phone calls regarding dismissal plans and facilitate faster dismissals every day.

emergency panic button alert app

Emergency Alert System

Equip your staff for all kinds of emergencies so get the help they need quickly. With a reliable, silent panic button app, staff can instantly alert first responders and admin when an emergency happens. They’ll also receive instructions that utilize the highest standards of safety protocol for emergencies.

Digital Hall Pass

Safely monitor hallways with a digital hall pass system that lets you mitigate problematic behavior and serve students with special needs. With a real-time view of active and expired hall passes, you can account for exactly where students are meant to be, even when emergencies happen.

Emergency Reunification

During emergencies that necessitate reuniting students safely with their families, the platform everyone uses on a daily basis is ready to help. Pikmykid lets you quickly verify the identity of emergency contacts, communicate with staff and parents, and complies with the Standard Reunification Method.

Pikmykid manages dismissal depending on the parents choice for the student. There is no question as to which way the parent is wanting the student to go home. We no longer have 50 calls to the office telling us to tell the student to change the mode of transportation to home. It is a time saver and well worth the money."

Teresa C., Elementary School Principal

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Ready to see Pikmykid?

Simply book a demo and we’ll show you how Pikmykid can work for your district, school, camp, or after school program.

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