How will Pikmykid work for you?

Whether you're in K-12, daycares, or summer camps, Pikmykid has you covered.

If you have students, you need Pikmykid

A dismissal and safety solution for all

Because we prioritize safety and efficiency, Pikmykid works for all school types, including:

  • Districts and schools
  • Private and charter schools
  • After school programs
  • Summer camps
  • Daycares and preschools

Anywhere you need to account for students and communicate with parents, there’s a place for Pikmykid.

School Safety reimagined

Easy for Admins

Pikmykid’s real-time administrator dashboard allows you to have a bird’s eye view of the entire dismissal process. You have the ability to generate reports and conduct audits to enhance efficiency. The most important fact is knowing that you have done what is the best and safest for your students.

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Useful for Parents

Our Parent App opens the lines of communication, allowing parents to control who picks up their child and when. The app also allows last minute changes to dismissal plans right from their phone as well as real-time alerts the moment your child hops on a bus, walks home, or goes to an after-school program.

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Helpful for Teachers

By streamlining the dismissal process with an easy to use app interface, you can spend more valuable time with your students and lesson plans. We want you to focus on education and not dodge traffic with loud hailers, walkie-talkies, and monitoring carpool emails!

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Powerful for Districts

Managing more than one school’s dismissal, after school, or safety processes can be a nightmare. With Pikmykid you will have up-to-the-minute insights about each of your schools. From our dashboard you can generate reports on students, parental participation, and how dismissal is working at each campus.

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Ready to see Pikmykid?

Simply book a demo and we’ll show you how Pikmykid can work for your district, school, camp, or after school program.

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