The Digital Hall Pass Making School Days Safer

Give staff a way to monitor students as they move about the building so they can mitigate problematic behavior and ensure every student is safe throughout the entire school day!

Many schools lack an easy way to monitor hallways safely

Without a system in place that gives you a digital, real-time view of students’ whereabouts, the lack of information often leads to confusion, inappropriate behavior, and even panic when emergencies occur.

If your school is still using methods that cause safety gaps like…

  • Paper sign out sheets
  • Physical hall passes
  • Word of mouth permission

You need a simple process to manage student movement that includes real-time information and gives everyone the ability to keep kids safer than ever at school.

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Account for every student’s whereabouts with the Pikmykid Digital Hall Pass

Know where students are throughout the entire school day.

  • Create a timestamped, digital hall pass for students
  • Give hall monitors a real-time view of where students should be going
  • Access reports to make informed decisions on safety and building management
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Quickly account for every student during emergencies.

  • Gain a record of where students were traveling to or from
  • Locate students quickly to prevent panic
  • Assure parents their kids are safely accounted for throughout the day
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Mitigate problematic behavior with real-time information.

  • Know when hall passes have expired
  • Set limits to prevent vandalism and problematic behavior
  • Reduce the frequency of students using passes inappropriately
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Serve the needs of specific students.

  • Keep a log of service minutes and notes for students with a 504 plan or ISE
  • Provide guidance for students with a BIP to follow their specific instructions
  • Allow staff to share critical information to better serve students
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How It Works

Kids sitting in classroom

Designate on the platform the student, where they’re going, and how long the pass is allotted.

Teacher and student talking in the hallway

Staff monitoring hallways can view all the students with passes to ensure they’re in the right place.

Teacher using hallpass app on phone

Teachers mark hall passes complete when they arrive or return.

Empowered By World Class Onboarding & Support

“We love that Pikmykid can be accessed from any phone, tablet or computer. Even our teachers that are afraid of technology have been able to use the system. We love the access to customer service!”

Rebekah G., Director of Operations and Admissions

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Enjoy a seamless experience

By using Pikmykid for your daily and emergency operations, you’re able to simplify the process of accounting for students and keeping them safe throughout the entire school day.

Dismissal Management

Dismissal Management

Ensure students are safe from the moment they arrive on campus until they’ve been dismissed. Pikmykid allows parents to instantly updated dismissal plans and teachers to verify those permissions to keep students safe.

School Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Give staff a way to quickly and safely respond during big and small emergencies with an emergency alert system. Staff receive instructions to their devices and can also securely reunite students with their parents during reunification.

Digital Hall Pass

Digital Hall Pass

Create safer pathways for learning by monitoring student movement throughout the day. Setting limits and paying special attention to patterns helps you make informed decisions and keep students safer.

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