School Dismissal Just Got Easier

Our award-winning dismissal management tools will transform your end of day from chaos to calm

Streamline operations

Eliminate the busy work of dismissal

When transportation plans change, Pikmykid empowers parents to schedule and make updates from their app. No more office calls or notes to the classroom – just real-time updates without the middleman.

“Pikmykid has reduced the phone calls to our office by 70%.”  – John Legg, DaySpring Academy

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Happy parents and teachers

Enjoy faster car lines with fewer staff

Goodbye walkie talkies and hallway chaos. Our school dashboard and parent app work together to reduce the number of staff required to run your car line, and gets each family through the line faster and safer.

Did you know? Pikmykid gives teachers back ~15 minutes per day. That’s nearly 50 hours a  year!

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Never miss a beat

Communicate changes in real time

Whether there’s a bus delay or closure, the Pikmykid messenger allows you to notify the right parents at the right time –  straight from your dashboard.

Did you know? The messenger can group notifications by student name, grade, bus, pickup mode, and more!

Send real time notifications

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Real Time Reporting

Ensure student safety every day

When a  student leaves by car, bus, or to an after school program, each dismissal is time stamped, saved in a report, and immediately sent to the parent app. No more missing students, mix-ups, or worried parents.

The record-keeping aspect allows us to know where every student went at the end of the day.” – Caleb R.

Start using data and reporting


But how does it work?

Dismiss students in 4 easy steps

  1. Once parents cross our virtual geo fence, they can announce their arrival in the parent app.
  2. Then, a staff member uses the student dispatcher to update the car order as each parent arrives.
  3. With the active car line live in the dispatcher, teachers then dismiss students in the correct order.
  4. Once students reach their car, your staff member verifies permission to complete the dismissal, triggering a parent notification in the app.
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We're here to support you every step of the way

World Class Onboarding

Our implementation team walks you through every step of the process, from IT integrations to driving parent adoption.

Year Round Support

Once launched, your school or district has access to year-round customer and parent support via phone, email, or chat.

In-App Training Resources

Need to train a new staff member or need a refresher? Pikmykid has in-app training videos and resources to keep you moving.

With the reduction in time that we’ve seen in our carpool dismissal, the notification with parents, as well as the reduction in office staff time and interruptions in classrooms – it’s definitely worth the investment.

Todd Fraizer, Principal, Sue E Rattan Elementary

Ready to Transform Your Dismissal Process?

Book a demo today to learn how Pikmykid can give you faster car lines, safer students, engaged parents, and real-time reporting.


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