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Discover the reliable and easy-to-use school emergency alert system that keeps students and staff safer than ever.

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Many Schools Lack a Way to Quickly Report Emergencies (Big or Small)

Without a tool in place that provides a quick and easy way to report emergencies, students and staff can be left waiting for help when seconds matter most.

If your school is still using emergency alert methods that…

  • Require purchasing expensive hardware & equipment
  • Doesn’t support silent communication
  • Cannot be configured to your school’s realities
  • Is not accessible wherever you are on campus

You need a silent alert system that can report emergency information to school admins and first responders (when needed) using devices available at your fingertips.


Easily Handle Every Emergency

Many school emergency alert systems do not include the most important safety tools to protect students and staff during the entire school day. Without a comprehensive platform, you’ll likely face increased risks and a higher price point since you’ll need to buy more than one system.

With a reliable school emergency alert system like Pikmykid, you’ll have several benefits that other tools do not offer.

You’ll be able to:

  • Provide an easy-to-use and reliable school emergency alert platform
  • Manage emergencies and dismissals from the same place
  • Give staff protocol tailored to the emergency reported
  • Equip staff with a silent panic button app in their pocket
  • Communicate clear emergency reunification plans to parents and staff
  • Empower the whole community to react appropriately during emergencies

Empowered By World Class Onboarding & Support

“We love that Pikmykid can be accessed from any phone, tablet or computer. Even our teachers that are afraid of technology have been able to use the system. We love the access to customer service!”

Rebekah G., Director of Operations and Admissions

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How The Pikmykid Digital Panic Button Works

As former educators and parents, we designed the Pikmykid platform to help school staff react appropriately when every second could save lives. Pat Bhava, CEO, Pikmykid

A Panic Button App for Schools You Can Rely On

Silent Alarm

Silent Panic Alarm

An easy-to-use panic button for teachers and staff using devices at their fingertips.

Alert first responders

Alert 911

Silently and quickly contact first responders or 911 when seconds matter.

Emergency Location Services

Location Services

Automatically share the location of the emergencies with first responders.

Emergency Resources

Emergency Instructions

Instantly send instructions to staff impacted by the emergency in progress.

Communicate with Staff

Real Time Communication

Easily communicate between staff to keep everyone informed.

Customized Emergency Types

Completely Customizable

Customize what emergency types and who is alerted per type for your school.

Connecting You to 911 Instantly

RapidSOS Ready

By integrating Pikmykid’s emergency alert system with RapidSOS’s intelligent safety platform, critical information can be shared instantly with 911 dispatchers, including the accurate location of the emergency, the type of emergency, and other essential details.

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Alyssa's Law Measures Built In For Top Safety

The Pikmykid school emergency alert platform has a silent panic button app to quickly inform first responders of an emergency on the school’s campus via a mobile app. It’s fully customizable and Alyssa’s Law compliant.

EAS app on phone, emergency alert sent to first responders

Directly Notifies First Responders

Schools connect the correct responding agency to the emergency alert for a particular crisis, such as medical personnel.
Women sending silent messages on her phone

Enables Silent Communication

When a staff member clicks on the silent panic button app, Pikmykid sends out silent text messages and voice calls to report the emergency to those first responders.
Mobile transportation, firefighters receiving message of fire on campus

Mobile Transportation

The first responders also receive a location ping from the exact location of the staff member so they can address the emergency immediately and know where to go.

Enjoy a Seamless Experience

By using Pikmykid for your daily and emergency operations, you’re able to simplify the process of accounting for students and keeping them safe throughout the entire school day.

Dismissal Management

Dismissal Management

Ensure students are safe from the moment they arrive on campus until they’ve been dismissed. Pikmykid allows parents to instantly updated dismissal plans and teachers to verify those permissions to keep students safe.

School Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Give staff a way to quickly and safely respond during big and small emergencies with an emergency alert system. Staff receive instructions to their devices and can also securely reunite students with their parents during reunification.

Digital Hall Pass

Digital Hall Pass

Create safer pathways for learning by monitoring student movement throughout the day. Setting limits and paying special attention to patterns helps you make informed decisions and keep students safer.

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