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Words By:
Erica Jankowski
Brand Marketing Manager
Posted On:
November 16, 2022

Educators at every level are trying their best to keep students safe and provide in-person instruction at the same time. But with the challenges staff have faced over the last two years, it can be hard to retain your teachers and staff. 

We want to help. That’s why we’re sharing this list of 5 ways schools can overcome staff shortages (that parents and teachers will love).

1️. Reduce Staff Fatigue By Streamlining Dismissal.

Before students even step foot into the classroom, your staff need to organize how they arrive and get home, and hopefully ensure their safety along the way. 

To reduce staff fatigue, it’s important to minimize redundant steps. Answering phone calls from parents who want to make dismissal changes can take hours of your staff’s time.

Instead, you can provide a way for parents to make instant dismissal changes from the Pikmykid mobile app. This gives your office staff time to focus on other tasks and have access to reports to safely account for every student.

2. Let Them Focus On Teaching.

Most teachers didn’t get their degree in education to use walkie talkies and deal with frustrated parents in the parking lot. They love educating students. 

You can streamline the whole process and get rid of unnecessary roles using Pikmykid which reduces the number of staff needed to run dismissal.

As the car line speeds up, you can also give each teacher back an average of 75 minutes per week. They can redirect this time into their passion- helping students succeed. They’ll also have more time for planning and rest, which can help improve their mental health as well, reducing burnout and increasing staff retention.

3. Make It Easy for Substitute Teachers To Jump In.

When a teacher is preparing a lesson plan for a substitute, they often have to use more of their instructions for the school’s overly complicated dismissal process than what goes into the lesson plan.

Pikmykid empowers you to run dismissal with tools that make it so easy, your staff can train a substitute teacher in their sleep. And, since there are less staff necessary for dismissal, it’s less likely a substitute will be needed for dismissal in the first place.

4. Equip Staff Better For Emergencies.

During a busy school day, the last thing you want teachers to experience is heightened anxiety over confusing emergency protocol. More often than the worst case scenario, an intruder on campus, a myriad of more frequent emergencies occur.

The current processes often leave staff unsure of how to act in the moment even when they only have a few seconds to react.

We decided to take out the anxiety-inducing guess work by giving schools the ability to clearly communicate their protocol and direct staff to take appropriate actions in the instant they’re needed.

With Pikmykid, you can prepare staff to act quickly and confidently with a suite of tools on the devices they already have in their pockets. They’ll have access to initiate emergency alerts through a panic button, receive staff instructions to their cell phone, and enable location services to ensure staff and student safety.

5. Give Them Technology To Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks.

Running back and forth between the front office, their classroom, and the parking lot is an outdated and inefficient way for staff to use their time. We now live in a day where UberEats can deliver your food faster than you can order it in person. We have technology for connecting with friends across the world in an instant through zoom, and we have robots mowing lawns for people who aren’t even at home.

But why are some staff still using walkie talkies, sticky notes, and overwhelming Google sheets to coordinate the everyday process of student dismissal?

They don’t have to anymore. 

By giving your staff technology that uses devices they already have, you can eliminate dozens of monotonous tasks for them. They’ll feel respected as you acknowledge their level of education and empower them to redirect their time towards the things only they can uniquely do as staff and teachers. 

With Pikmykid, you’ll have multiple ways to relieve the burdens staff feel so you can make a direct impact on increasing staff retention and creating a safer learning environment for staff and students.

That’s it! We believe in you. 

And guess what..many schools have used their grant money to implement Pikmykid and their teachers are loving it. There are more than 8 grants and funding options available for you to start with.

Don’t wait until August to implement Pikmykid. Start now to show your staff you mean business in helping them feel confident to continue with you next school year.

Request a demo to learn more and get Pikmykid set up and ready to go!

Ready to reimagine school safety? Book a demo today!

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Erica Jankowski  -  Brand Marketing Manager

Erica is an experienced digital strategist who loves helping people. That’s why her ambition is to create compelling brand and content strategies so that people can find the most innovative and effective digital solutions to their problems. She grew up in Hawaii, is also a wedding musician, and loves dogs.