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Here are some activities for School Administrators  and Teachers to prepare in Summer

Check out our quick rundown of the Activities for School Administrators you can do to save yourself the headache. Back to School season is just around the corner!

Summer Assignment for School Administrators

Review your Pickup and Dismissal Process

We know dismissals, and how vulnerable of a time they can be. So we’d hate to see you scrambling last minute to fix your traffic and safety problems when you have all summer to get started! Consider if you’ll need car tags, how you’ll communicate delegations, and what sort of accountability and security measures you’ll take. We have seen a rise in the use of digital school release platforms due to their ease of use for parents, efficiency, and ability to audit and track changes. While considering a smart dismissal solution, it is important to choose wisely. In our experience, dismissal is the most vulnerable time fo the day.

Evaluate Building Safety and Access Control

School safety is an extremely multifaceted and complex subject, but a few simple adjustments can drastically improve your school’s safety practices. Ensure your school has separate entrance points for students and visitors. Most schools prefer the front office for visitor management, so you may want to consider that your primary visitor entrance. Companies like Facility One allow schools to obtain blueprints of their facility and consult with law enforcement on their building’s security. Summer is the perfect time to conduct these assessments while the buildings are empty.

Build your Emergency Protocols

Dust off the old binder where you keep your existing emergency protocols, they won’t do you much good in there. Review your procedures to determine if they are simple enough to be recalled by everyone. If not, it may be time to update them. Consider what agencies you will contact, if doors will be locked, where students will go, what resources will be used, and how incidents will be reported. Whether you use a color-coded system, physical alarms, or text alerts and panic button apps, with a bit of work there’s no reason you can’t start fall prepared for potential campus threats.

Plan for Parent Communications

This stage is crucial, because if you fail to get the parents on your side, they might eat you alive. Okay– probably not, but you do need to make sure they are onboard and informed on any changes you will be making. But what’s the best way to reach them? Create a folder, either physically or digitally of what documents and resources parents will need to tackle the back to school transition. If you need help getting started, Apps like Kidio Messenger come pre-configured with templates like these.

See our full list of tips and suggestions— before August comes around! If you like these  Activities for School Administrators, please share it with your friends and other school administrators.

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