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Pikmykid November Update

As November comes to a close and everyone reflects on what they’re thankful for, we’ve been staying busier than ever here at Pikmykid! For our monthly update, we wanted to share a few changes we’ve made and some of our newest accomplishments!

A few weeks ago at the Tampa Bay Tech Forum Gala we were honored to accept the award for Emerging Technology Company of the Year. It was such a great experience, and we are so glad that all of our hard work is being recognized. You can watch the video of us accepting the award here:

This month we also got to be guests on Jamie Maloni’s radio program “That Business Show”. To hear the highlights of the interview and how Pikmykid is evolving click this link:

We have also added new features and interfaces to the Pikmykid program. Our team has been working hard and this month we rolled out new functionalities for our iPad application, smartphone apps, and school portal. We would love to show you in a virtual demo how these changes make Pikmykid schools even Smarter & Safer

Schools who use Pikmykid experience:

  • Faster, more organized Car Lines
  • Less parent phone calls about dismissal
  • Safer and more secure pick-up process for students
  • Better updated parent contact info

We are also happy to announce we have new Pikmykid schools in Texas, Colorado, & California. From recent surveys and reviews of Pikmykid at their schools’ people are saying:

“I like how it is more secure and there is more than one person verifying that the child is going home with the right adult.  It definitely improved the efficiency of our car line.”

“I have been in charge of dismissal for at least 10 years and this process is extremely easy to use.” 

 “Finally! I am glad to have this app after our school adopted the Pikmykid system. Love the alerts for when my child has left school.”

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