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School Playground Safety

As parents, it’s normal to worry about your children during the school day. The safety of your children is the most important thing to you. School should be a safe and happy environment and the right precautions must be taken to keep it this way. Safety procedures during recess and dismissal are very important. How safely your child plays and the rules that are put in place are extremely important for their safety and success. Recess and playgrounds are a great way for children to exercise and get together with friends. It is important to make sure they are not being careless and are taking the right steps to keep themselves from getting hurt. Here are some ways you can help them achieve this.

Talk to them and supervise

Help them to understand what is a good action on the playground and what is a bad one. Supervise their playground time, or if they are at school, make sure you know which teacher does recess. Correct their behavior on the playground if you see them doing something that could be potentially harmful.

Teach them to use equipment properly

This may require you to get up and play along with your children. Showing them how the slide, swing, or monkey bars work can ensure that they know what they are doing when using them. Many times, children get hurt because they do not know how to use a piece of equipment.

Tell them to keep their hands to themselves

When on the playground it is important your children do not roughhouse on equipment. This could potentially be dangerous. Just as a precaution, tell them to keep their hands to themselves as much as possible when playing with other children.

Remind children to have fun, but to be cautious. If they are safe on the playground, everyone will be happy!

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