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October has creeped up on us, and before you know it the ghosts, witches, zombies, and vampires will be out in full force. Halloween can be a safe and fun event for everyone if you consider a few of these Trick or Treating Safety Tips.

Sidewalk Safety Tips

In order to remain visible to cars, trick or treaters can wear glow-sticks, or brightly colored costumes. Make sure kids are extra vigilant about crossing the road and stick to the sidewalk when traveling from house to house. If you live on a busy street see if you can visit a friend or family member’s neighborhood.

Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Parent Supervision

Parents should decide whether they will accompany their kids, or if they are old enough to go around the neighborhood in groups. Make sure to set expectations on when they should check in via phone, or be back at the meet point or starting house. Another option to considerbefore letting the little kids roam free would be to turn on the phone’s location tracking while the kids are walking the neighborhood with their little friends. This would help to calm the nerves of parents who want to let the kids walk free in their neighborhood block.

Talk to your children about the importance of following the Trick or Treat Safety Tips.

Costume Check before Trick or Treating

Make sure that your child’s costume fits properly to avoid tripping, or getting caught on decorations. Jack-O-Lanterns can also be an unforeseen hazard for children with capes or long flammable fabric on their costume. Nothing’s scarier than a wardrobe malfunction halfway through the night!

Trick or Treat Safety Tips this year

Sweets and Treats Safety Tips

If your child has allergies or special dietary needs, consider organizing a candy trade before your kids dig in. Another idea would be to set aside special homemade treats if your child’s dietary restrictions are especially limiting. Throw away any candy that is open, looks tampered with, or has a broken seal. Ration out candy to avoid giving kids stomach aches and an overload of sugar.

Halloween can be such a scary, magical, and exciting day! When we all look out for the safety of our kids, it only enhances the fall magic! Just follow these simple Trick or Treating Safety Tips this year. No matter what your plans are this Halloween, stay safe and stay spooky!

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