The Customizable Silent Panic Alert System

Keep students and staff safer than ever using the reliable and easy-to-use school emergency alert system. Get started in less than two weeks with zero extra hardware required.


Leverage the Silent Panic Alert Technology (SPAT) Grant Program

Apply before January 31, 2023

Using the SPAT Grant Program, Texas school districts can purchase our all-in-one safety and dismissal platform. From everyday to emergencies, make each school day safer with Pikmykid.


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Why Choose Pikmykid?

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Reliable Technology

With years of experience and 99.99% up-time, you can trust your tech is ready when you need it every time.

world class support with pikmykid

World-Class Customer Support

We’re here to guide you every step of the way through highly-rated onboarding, seamless integrations, and year-round support for both school staff and parents.


Based on Safety Best Practices

Technology built based on safety best practices like the Standard Reunification Method.

Features Customers Love...

Panic Alert

Silent Alarm

Alert first responders and staff even when verbal communication is not an option, helping you avoid loud alarms and panic.

Multi-Channel Communication

Automated Multi-Channel Alert

Automatically send messages by text, email, and voice message to the appropriate people when an emergency is reported.

Location Services

Location Services

Share the exact location of the reported incident to school personnel and first responders.

Customized Emergency Types

Customized Emergency Types

Tailor the emergency incident types for your specific realities with customized recipient lists and instructions per type.


Emergency Reunification

Quickly inform staff and parents of your detailed reunification plans, account for each student present, check-in parents, and document successful reunification.

Emergency Instructions

Emergency Resources

Automatically provide your staff with the specific instructions for the particular emergency via text, email and phone call.

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How The Pikmykid School Emergency Alert System Works

As former educators and parents, we designed the Pikmykid platform to help school staff react appropriately when every second could save lives. Pat Bhava, CEO, Pikmykid

Easily Handle Every Emergency

Many school emergency alert systems do not include the most important safety integrations to protect students and staff during the entire school day. Without a comprehensive platform, you’ll likely face increased risks and a higher price point since you’ll need to buy more than one system.

With a reliable school emergency alert system like Pikmykid, you’ll have several benefits that other tools do not offer.

You’ll be able to:

  • Provide an easy-to-use school emergency alert platform.
  • Manage emergencies and dismissals from the same place.
  • Give staff protocol for over a dozen frequent emergencies.
  • Equip staff with a silent panic button app in their pocket.
  • Communicate clear emergency reunification plans to parents and staff.
  • Empower the whole community to react appropriately during emergencies.

Alyssa's Law Measures Built In For Top Safety

The Pikmykid school emergency alert platform has a silent panic button app to quickly inform first responders of an emergency on the school’s campus via a mobile app. It’s fully customizable and Alyssa’s Law compliant.

first responders

Directly Notifies First Responders

Schools connect the correct responding agency to the emergency alert for a particular crisis, such as medical personnel.
silent communication with Pikmykid for emergencies

Enables Silent Communication

When a staff member clicks on the silent panic button app, Pikmykid sends out silent text messages and voice calls to report the emergency to those first responders.
mobile transport of emergency tools

Mobile Transportation

The first responders also receive a location ping from the exact location of the staff member so they can address the emergency immediately and know where to go.

“Life changing in regards to safety and accurately dismissing students from school.”

Delvis H, School Office Manager


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