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Emily Markham
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March 6, 2019

In Education, there are many outlets to find resources. You can simply google and find just about any information.  Although now, we are innovating the way we find information. Social media has become an outlet to educate ourselves, grow and make connections.           

Over the last few months working as PikMyKid’s social media intern, I have learned about the power of connections in every field. I have also learned that social media is a great platform to build these networks. I wanted to share a few accounts I found extremely beneficial to the Education community. Some are very popular, and some have only a few thousand followers but amazing content.  


@Teacher2Teacher This account is meant to connect teachers from all over the world. They are very interactive and post plenty of valuable information for educators. Use #T2T to connect with them.

@TeachtoLead Is an organization that leads summits, labs and seminars to educate teachers and provide resources. Their focus is to encourage professional collaborations among teachers across the country.


@Jennfindleyblog Teaching with Jennifer Findley is a great account to follow for all things education! She is extremely creative and informative. On her blog she features FREE educational tools for your classroom!

@HeidiSongs This account is filled with fun and active innovative ideas for kids. She uses music and movement to keep education exciting for kids.    

Education Technology

@EdSurge is a great account to follow for all things education technology! They are always up to date and giving the best resources for educators.

@EdTechAfterDark is an account that thrives off of uniting parents, students, and teachers in order to provide viable strategies for today’s learners.  

Education news

@SBEducation SmartBrief Education covers the latest news in education. They also keep up with trends, policies and practices in K-20 education.

@Educationweek Education week is the most profound account on all things education news, analysis and opinion. Their focus is K-12 education. They have great articles that are very read and share worthy.

All in all, Twitter can be an extremely beneficial platform for educators across the world. Give these accounts a follow or “tweet tweet” to stay up to date in all things education!  

Don’t forget to give @pikmykid a tweet or follow to stay up to date with all of our happenings!

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Emily Markham
Emily Markham  -  Marketing Director

Emily Markham was our social media marketing intern and is now our Marketing Director. She graduated from St. Petersburg college with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She loves to learn new things, and hopes to build up a strong following for PikMyKid on our social channels. Personally, she loves her dog Beau dearly and all dogs to be quite honest. She is driven to succeed and excited to be a part of the PikMyKid team.