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Start every day knowing exactly who is on campus by taking attendance with student check-in.

Digital Hall Pass

Digital Hall Pass

Know where students are on campus all throughout the day with a digital, secure hall pass.

Instant Dismissal Changes

Instant Dismissal Changes

Eliminate front office calls with an app for parents to instantly update dismissal plans.

Dismissal Automation

Pickup Permissions

Ensure students are picked up by authorized guardians using photo ID verification submitted by parents in the app.

Pickup Permissions

Dismissal Automation

Reduce time spent on dismissal with an app for parents and streamlined process for staff to dismiss students to the bus, car line, walking/biking, or an afterschool program.

Afterschool Programs

Afterschool Programs

Allow staff to check students into afterschool programs and notify parents they’ve safely arrived.

Anonymous Tipline

Anonymous Tipline

Mitigate potential emergencies with a way for parents, students and staff to anonymously submit tips on safety threats.

Emergency Drills

Emergency Drills

Run drills in an organized and documented manner to ensure every student can be quickly accounted for and staff are fully prepared.

Emergency Alert System

Emergency Alert System

Equip staff with a mobile, silent panic button to alert admin and first responders when seconds matter most.

Custom Staff Instructions

Custom Staff Instructions

Automatically send staff customized protocols to manage different types of emergencies the moment they are needed.

Emergency Contact Management

Emergency Contact Management

Enable parents to update emergency contacts in their app so they are easily accessible by staff when needed.

Emergency Reunification

Emergency Reunification

Eliminate inefficient reunification methods with a digital way to account for every student, verify guardian identification, and communicate when every student has been safely reunited.

With a combination of tools built to increase safety throughout the day, Pikmykid helps you create a stress-free experience for staff and parents during daily processes like dismissal, issuing hall passes, and even when big or small emergencies occur on campus.


Ensure Students Are Safe
Throughout The Entire School Day

Peace of mind for parents, efficiency for you with Dismissal Management.

Ditch the dismissal chaos and replace it with calm confidence. Take stress out of pickups, knowing your students are safe and accounted for. Parents get instant updates, and you get a smoother, faster process. You’ll enjoy:

  • Real-time visibility of student whereabouts brings peace of mind
  • Instant pickup notifications mean less waiting and worry.
  • Quick verification ensures only authorized individuals pick up students.
  • Facilitate swift reunification during unexpected situations.

Digital Hall Passes for a Streamlined Day.

Say goodbye to paper pass chaos and embrace the efficiency of Digital Hall Passes! Monitor student movement throughout the day, boosting safety and streamlining your school operations.

  • Know where students are with a single glance. No more paper trails, just clear insights for informed decisions.
  • Locate students instantly in unexpected situations, ensuring a swift and coordinated response. Every second counts!
  • Set pass limits and track usage to identify patterns and address potential issues before they escalate.
  • Leverage passes for students with 504 plans and IEPs, helping support their specific needs.

Enjoy a stellar process for communicating with parents.

Give parents confidence in your school safety plans and retain students year to year. Your parents will be able to:

  • Making dismissal changes without calling or emailing using the app
  • Receive meaningful notification when their kid’s dismissed, the bus is late, or there’s a school announcement
  • Delegate a family member or guardian to pick them up instead
  • Get notified of any emergencies and instructions for what to do next

Equip your staff with an Emergency Alert System to quickly report emergencies.

Prepare for every emergency, big or small, with a high quality and reliable tool that goes with you wherever you go.

  • Directly notifies first responders
  • Sends clear instructions for varying emergencies
  • Communicates clearly and quickly with staff & parents
  • Meets Alyssa’s Law Requirements

Covering All Modes Of Transportation

Car Line




After School

with partners & integrations you can trust


How A Private School Principal Decreased Dismissal Time By 20+ Minutes While Delighting Parents and Staff.

Community Christian Academy in Martinez, GA needed help speeding up their daily dismissal process and doing so in a more safe and secure way. Because they are a Private Christian school there are no buses- and with around 400 students the carline was simply taking too long to get through. After implementing the Pikmykid platform for Dismissal Management, they saw:

  • 44% Decrease in Dismissal Time
  • 6+ hours of time saved monthly

Support Every Step Of The Way

Customer Support

We guide you through highly-rated onboarding, help you customize the setup to your needs, and provide year-round support for both school staff and parents. Your dedicated account manager also gives you access to a resource library of training PDFs and videos.

Reliable & Safe

With a 99.99% up-time, you can trust your tech is high quality and ready when you need it every time. And being FERPA & COPPA compliant, as well as a signer of teh student privacy pledge, you can rest assured your student information is kept private and secure.

Built On Safety
Best Practices

Having built the technology to deliver the best practices of leading safety experts, you’ll have what you need to meet the highest standards of school safety, such as the Standard Reunification Method and Alyssa’s Law Requirements.

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Enjoy Seamless School Days

By using Pikmykid for your daily and emergency operations, you’re able to simplify the process of accounting for students and keeping them safe throughout the entire school day.


Ensure students are safe from the moment they arrive on campus until they’ve been dismissed. Pikmykid allows parents to instantly update dismissal plans and teachers to verify those permissions to keep students safe.

Alert System

Give staff a way to quickly and safely get help during big and small emergencies with an emergency alert system. Staff receive instructions to their devices and can communicate silently throughout the incident.

Emergency Reunification

Enable staff to accurately account for students following an emergency. Using the same platform, schools efficiently facilitate reunification and communicate with parents throughout the process in real-time.

Digital Hall Pass

Create safer pathways for learning by monitoring student movement throughout the day. Setting limits and paying special attention to patterns helps you make informed decisions and keep students safer.

the pikmykid process

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Your staff and parents enjoy efficient processes that make the school day safer and a stellar experience for everyone involved.

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