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Make dismissal a breeze with an app to save you time and bring peace of mind from arrival to dismissal.



Current Realities.

As a parent you know how tedious it can be to communicate with your school when they require you to call or email every time you want to make changes to your kid’s dismissal plans.

Since many schools don’t have a way to keep account of how students should be going home at the end of the day, it can be a logistical nightmare with a lot of miscommunications which cause worry, confusion, & frustration.

Many schools try to manage arrival and dismissal with outdated processes that waste time and can leave you and your students vulnerable. But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

And even when you get the message across, feeling angry waiting in a long car pick up line is no way to celebrate a successful day of learning.

But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

In a world where we order groceries online and schedule everything on our phones, you deserve a simpler way to manage your kid’s school transportation, and ultimately, keep them safe.

Be Confident in Your Student’s Safety

Take Stress Out of the Picture

You should be empowered with a tool that makes coordinating your kids’ transportation plans so easy, you never have to call the front office again. We’ve built the platform from years of direct feedback from thousands of parents so we know exactly which elements make your day stressful (ahem, long car lines), and how to get rid of them!

Experience Stellar Communication

As you make dismissal changes instantly on the platform, school staff can see exactly when to release your student to the right person. With real-time updates, there’s no room for miscommunications. You’ll get a notification when they’re safely dismissed.

Stop Wasting Time & Enjoy Rest

Since dismissal runs smoothly and quickly, parents spend on average 33-50% less time sitting in the car line. This means you’ll have more time to spend with your kids and to rest, outside of the school parking lot.

Feel Safer During the School Day

With a platform that prevents accidents, stranger danger, custody battles, and vulnerability to harsh weather in the parking lot, you can feel safer sending your kids to school, especially during emergencies.

Manage It All
From One Place

manage it all from one platform

Whether you need to communicate to your school that your kid will be going home with a friend, or need to schedule an early release for a doctor’s appointment, Pikmykid lets you manage the process simply. By using a cloud-based platform, you can make real-time updates that keep everyone on the same page and create a positive end to a successful day of learning!

Make Dismissal Changes

You no longer need to call the front office to make dismissal changes. With the app, you can instantly update how and with whom your kid will go home and even schedule future carpools or early releases for appointments.

Announce Your Arrival

When you arrive to the school, you can announce your arrival on the app so the teacher knows to send out your kid. Often parents pull up to the curb at the same time kids are ready to hop in. Thus the car line moves quickly and safely as staff verify the right person is picking up the right kid using the app.

Receive Dismissal Notifications

Every time your kid is dismissed, you’ll receive a notification on your app letting you know. You can also receive info from schools regarding pick up or reminders like when a bus is running late or about an upcoming field trip.

manage it all from one platform


Feel Confident During Emergencies

You’ve never had more access to built-in safety measures. Unlike other methods schools use for emergencies, you don’t have to just “hope” they’ll work. Since Pikmykid works on the devices you and your school staff use on a daily basis for dismissal, you’ll both know exactly what to do during emergencies and be able to communicate well to get everyone reunited safely.

Feel Safer During the School Day

  • Get notified quickly about an emergency.
  • Know teachers have safety tools in their pocket.
  • Receive instructions on what to do & where to go.
  • Know when your kid is dismissed & to whom.
  • Reunite quickly during extreme emergencies.
All on an app that goes with you everywhere you go!


How to Bring Pikmykid To Your School

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Enjoy A Transformed Experience!

Feel happier and safer throughout the day with a transformed experience that makes a positive impact on your whole community! You deserve it.

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