The Solution Technology Leaders Rave About


The Solution Technology Leaders Rave About

Simplify your tech stack with an easy-to-use platform for daily and emergency operations that makes training staff a piece of cake.



Managing school technology can be overwhelming and waste time

As a technology leader, you have the incredible task of ensuring your staff and students have the technology they need for a successful learning environment. From the moment they arrive on campus until they’re safely off campus at the end of the day, you have a plethora of systems to be coordinating and streamlining, and the responsibility to see that they’re kept secure.

Like many technology leaders, do you struggle with…

  • Redundant and overwhelming tools
  • Lacking real-time information with integrated data
  • Fatigue from training staff over and over
  • Communicating change and getting buy-in from stakeholders

Many try to manage their daily and emergency operations with a series of disconnected and outdated systems which cause confusion and leave students and staff vulnerable. Not to mention making your job extremely difficult! But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

You deserve something that helps you streamline your tech stack and ensure the highest level of safety standards for daily and emergency management.


The Easy-To-Use Platform For
Streamlined School Technology

Get ready to spend less time training staff on redundant tools and more feeling confident your school is equipped with easy-to-use technology for daily and emergency operations.


Manage dismissal from one place with a cloud-based platform for staff and parents to make real-time updates and streamline the process. Whether staff are in the car line, releasing students from the classroom, or helping kids onto the bus, the platform lets them account for dismissals simply without purchasing additional hardware.

Alert System

Give staff a reliable and easy-to-use school emergency alert system that keeps students and staff safer than ever. Staff receive instructions and can communicate instantly, while 911 and admin are immediately contacted when needed.

Emergency Reunification

Simplify the reunification process with a platform that lets staff easily check students in off campus, message parents specific directions, and safely account for emergency contacts picking up students. The whole process runs seamlessly from one place for a reliable and safe reunification plan.

Digital Hall Pass

Give staff a quick and simple way to monitor students as they move about the building so they can mitigate problematic behavior and ensure every student is safe throughout the entire school day! With a hall pass system viewable by all staff members, they’re better able to account for students and manage student safety.


Simplify & Strengthen Your
School’s Technology

Ensure your school has a secure and simplified system for daily and emergency operations

Simplify your tech stack for daily operations

With a platform that connects multiple daily operations into one place, you won’t be overwhelmed with multiple different systems to need to train staff on and maintain over time.

Ease of use

By utilizing a platform designed with staff and parents in mind, the ease of use will give you back time.

Reduce the hardware overhaul

Since the system is fully web-based, you won’t need to install or maintain hardware

Feel confident your data is secure

You should be empowered to keep student and staff information secure with a system that integrates easily with the other systems you already use and maintains the highest level of data protection.

Manage It All
From One Place

Whether your staff are managing dismissal in the parking lot, monitoring the hallways, or supervising recess out in the soccer field, they’ll be able to communicate clearly with parents and staff and account for every student, even when emergencies arise.

Parent Mobile App

Gain a real-time view of every student’s dismissal plans by allowing parents to make updates on the app. You can ensure each student goes home with an approved guardian or on the correct mode of transportation. Parents can also easily update emergency contact info and receive notifications their student was safely dismissed.

School Portal

View student transportation information, send messages to parents when buses are running late, and store emergency training info all from one place. Download reports on student movement history, including hall passes, modes of transportation, attendance, and emergency drills to make informed safety decisions.

Student Dispatcher

Verify permission of guardians during pickup using the dispatcher and ensure every staff member sends students home on the right form of transportation. Keep the car line moving quickly to prevent traffic and accidents and ensure kids get home or to after school programs safely.

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“As former educators and parents, we designed the Pikmykid platform to help school staff react appropriately when every second could save lives.”
Pat Bhava

Supporting Your Schools
Every Step of the Way

Customer Support

With a dedicated team at the ready, we help you get everyone onboarded and ready to go within 10 days.

  • Highly-rated onboarding
  • Welcome kit sent in the mail
  • Resource library of training PDFS & videos
  • Dedicated account manager for life
  • Regular check-in phone calls
  • 24/7 email support for schools & parents
  • Daily support webinars

Reliable & Safe

Unlike other safety tools that require expensive hardware or leave gaps with faulty workarounds, our platform works consistently on devices your staff already have.

  • High quality tech with a 99.99% up-time
  • FERPA & COPPA compliant
  • Signer of the student privacy pledge
  • Never tracking biometrics of staff, students, or parents

Built On Safety
Best Practices

Having built the technology to deliver the best practices of leading safety experts, you’ll have what you need to meet the highest standards of school safety, such as the Standard Reunification Method and Alyssa’s Law Requirements.

the pikmykid process

How You Can Get Started Today

Request A Demo

Schedule a demo and complete a customized contract based on your school’s safety and dismissal needs. We encourage you to invite your school administrator to the demo.

Setup The Platform

We walk alongside you to implement the platform into the daily and emergency operations of each of your schools. We provide everything you need to get staff and parents on board.

Enjoy Feeling Confident!

You’ll enjoy feeling confident leading the way in making your school safer than ever for staff and students. And they’ll enjoy a stress-free experience on a daily basis too!

Ready to imagine school safety? Book a demo today.

Ready to get started

Request a Demo Today


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